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Hello All, I am MortŪ


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  • Hello All, I am MortŪ

    So, I am a VERY happy kid, besides finding this site Today, I am picking up my BRAND NEW JEEPŪ Sahara tomorrow..... (yeah i know, i know, its stock standard) except for the spots I have had put on the front, and the towbar - its straight from the factory - bit I am as HAPPY as hell, this is my FIRST JEEP! Quite a plunge for me - well, brief history maybe...

    I am from SOUTH AFRICA..... I am a 28 year old graphic designer and bla bla bla - I have always wanted a jeep - I used to drive a Toyota Double Cab Diesel 2x4 - piece of crap that chowed diesel like anything - So I decided to trade the bugger in and get the jammie i have always wanted...... (same fuel consumption)

    Its on the shop floor, i am picking it up tomorrow 06/06/2003 My sphincter swells with excitement - So it will be a while before i can begin with the mods - I am going to need advice here - Cos i dont know where to start!!! Whew - So anyway -hello all, Is there anyone else here from South Africa I wonder.?

    Dont think i am going to be sleepin tonight - my fiance has said that i must sleep in the garage tomorrow night - in my JEEP as its all i have been talking about - Here in SA its hard to get funky stuff - like those SMILEY FACE headlight covers n stuff.... bugger! But we do have VERY nice trails n stuff - Oh well, I am off now to look around the site a little more - Thanks for listening and remember:

    Never run with pencils up your nose

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    Pic of my Jeep

    Forgot to post a pic


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      My sphincter swells with excitement
      htat will happen when you get a new jeep:yay: ...congrats! i am in california u.s.a. you'll get that "pucker factor" again, i'm sure.. when you get that thing in some scary off camber position, and you arent sure wether to get out, go forward, or try to back out of the hell you just put yourself into. then soon after, you'll be looking for some more pucker.

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        Re: Hello All, I am MortŪ

        Originally posted by MortŪ
        My sphincter swells with excitement
        Very nicely put!!! Welcome Mort!!
        Good lookin Jeep! You have any plans for it?
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          Darn, I want a jeep with the steering wheel on the right. Then when I go up the waterfall on Dishpan, i might be able to see what the hell I'm doing! lol. Good to have you aboard! Just make sure you don't swell yer sphincter too much, don't want any messes around here.....
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            WELCOME MORT@!

            Glad you found Jeep was new for a while too

            Then came the new tires, lifts, rock guards, spacers...youll get the hang of it...dont be afraid to be hard on her...she'll suprise you!

            HAVE FUN!

            2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
            Rock-ItMan all the way around