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  • Attending group trail rides

    During the last year and a half or so we have got together a great bunch of dedicated people who love to go out wheeling.
    We pretty much know what we all are looking for when we go out wheeling, what we can do and what we are willing to try and do.

    Everyone is more than willing to help out everyone else on the trail, at home, with mods and build ups and sometimes with lifes little things as well. We have built a very strong core group of friends that are on almost every outing we put together. I have yet to see an argument or dispute between anyone at any of these outings which is unusual when you have this many people together during some pretty long days.

    When we go out on these trail rides it is not an organized club event, not a sponcered event or even a forum event. It is just a bunch of friends going out together to run some trails, explore and face a new challenge. We post what we'd like to do on the weekend and everyone is welcome to join in. Each of us has a very well equiped rig, each of us has built them up from stockers.
    We are more that willing to take out people new to the 4x4 world. People with stock rigs or people with built rigs. From novice to experienced all are always welcome. We will advise on the trail if we have been on it before. We will help anyone who needs help on the trail.

    What you need to know when you come out with us is if you and your jeep are in good shape. If you are not sure if your Jeep will make it on a trai, ask and we will let you know. It should be in good mechanical condition and have whatever modifications on it to make it through a trail. It is up to you to know the limits of you and your machine.

    Never has anyone been broken down and not helped out to get to where they need to get to. We are always willing to help out in any type of problem that comes up.

    One thing that you should have on every ride no matter what is a CB radio. You must be able to talk with everyone else on the trail at all times. At times the group becomes very big and very spred out. You can not see everyone at all times and if you get seperated from the group, either due being stuck on a rock, mechanical failure or just wanting to stop and take in the sights you need to be able to let someone know. We need to be able to hear from everyone on the trail at all times and they need be able to talk to us.

    Some of us have extra radio's and antena's. If you don't have one
    let us know before hand and we may have an extra one to bring along. Most of us have the two way family radios also. Ask and you can use someones extra.

    You should have
    CB radio
    Water to drink
    spare tire.

    ask us


    Also, Drinking when driving, on or off road is not tolerated. Save it for when the day is done and the driving is over. Drinking puts you at risk and everyone around you.


    My rig
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    Tommyt - we will send the posse out!

    That was a valid concern that you had and I am glad that you brought up the point. No one should ever be left behind if they don't want to be left behind. It can be a bad situation for someone out there if they break down or get stuck and no one knows. The desert can be hot and unforgiving. If you are not equiped for it, have water, a blanket at night and for shade in the day it could be a very bad time. You don't think about it but you read about it in the papers some times.

    This last trail ride - the jeep with the oil leak, we should carry JB weld and that would have fixed that problem. Extra oil was a plus. I carry radiator sealant just in case. Welding rods I don't leave without anymore as I have needed them 3 times. Front control arm and the rear control arm two times. Al broke his tie rod once and needed to weld it up, I've broken the tie rod but Al had an extra one. Every trip out you find something more you should have.

    At this point - I think the CB is on top of the list.

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      sorry it took me so long to chime in here

      Kirk, this is a wonderful thread and we thank you for starting it. I couldn't have said it better myself!

      I would also like to add that you need a jack capable of lifting your vehicle.
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        Prevent group separation

        If you aren't seeing the vehicle behind you in your rear view mirror...stop until you do.

        This prevents a slow (or worse, stuck) vehicle from being separated and left behind. Use your radio to find out what is going on or head back and take a look-see.

        Don't worry about losing the driver in front of you, she will stop when she can't see you either.

        It also probably helps to alternate more capable vehicles with less capable vehicles so that any stuck driver is not too far away from a rig that can provide a winch/tug/hi-lift/tool.

        Just my $0.02.
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          Re: Prevent group separation

          Originally posted by jmbrowning
          [B]If you aren't seeing the vehicle behind you in your rear view mirror...stop until you do. .....
          In all of the various groups that I have ran with (or run with....whichever the case may be), this is a universally understood and strictly followed rule of trail etiquette.

          Always stop and wait for the person behind you at every fork or branch in the trail and at the end of any obstical (being sure to leave enough room between you and the obstical for everyone behind you to get off of the obstical--it always sucks getting 3/4 of the way through a rock garden and having to stop and wait for everyone in front of you to move so you can finish).

          We also try to have the best communications in the front and back (again, a good excuse to run a VHF radio), and pair up the most capable/least capable rigs in the line, that helps with getting people unstuck. Also, putting rookie drivers behind the folks that have been around a while helps show the new guy's the better lines.

          One last thing that is nice (but really wouldn't apply to this group, as you will understand in a second)...put the jeeps with no doors/tops in front of the line when you are travelling dirt roads to/from the trail--this way they dont' have to eat as much dust.

          As already mentioned, good topic Kirk!
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            dont forget tire plugs you never know when you might be able to save a tire before you have to change it ( done this a few times) a that blanket also works for a heavy weight on a winch cable when you need it
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              TOW STRAP!


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                It just makes sense to put together a Jeep Bag. I keep the tow strap, first aid kit, entrenching tool, tarp, tire gauge, etc. in it at all times. When you head for the trail...grab the bag.


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                  Dozens Of Things Needed On The Trail

                  Originally posted by bullseye View Post
                  dont forget tire plugs you never know when you might be able to save a tire before you have to change it ( done this a few times) a that blanket also works for a heavy weight on a winch cable when you need it
                  Well folks over the years I have never seen anyone that could ever have everything needed for trail fixes and such. Some are just more prepared than others. But the cool thing is how everyone will pitch in with what they have to get someone going again. Tools, parts or whatever. How many sports do you know of that have that in common. As for the trail I believe having good communications is a must. I always have an extra radio that plugs into the cig. lighter with a magnetic mount antenna. And talk about people not getting left behind. Can you say "TAIL GUNNER" A small and very affordable item that many overlook besides a tire repair kit is rubber valve stems and a tool to put them in....MATT
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                    i find a good thing to have with me when im 4wheelin is a good copilot, someone who can help with anyhting that needs doin, they are really handy at looking at my rright side tires to check their position for crawling a rock or what ever