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Dishpan Springs, CA - June 7


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    You know, I've driven many times from Arrowhead to Big Bear, always through Deep Creek. I think I remember a road sign "Hook Creek". Isn't that the road that use to be dirt, and is now paved with speed bumps? My confusion comes where we go from there. I've always gone the same direction and gone through Deep Creek, although I know there's other roads out there. I just hope you guys know something that I don't (very very good possibility ) Now that I think about it, it would seem strange that the forestry service would block the only access through there. I've read several emails from people with first hand experience that Deep Creek is completely blocked off for the next two months.

    I'm anxious to experience this "other way"up to crab flats.


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      We're not going on deep creek, unless you're referring to 3N34 as deep creek? :confused: :confused:
      it will be fine, if it's not we have plenty of forest maps and will find our way to somewhere. we do these trails all the time.
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        Deep Creek is the deep water crossing on 3N34. If you have a plan to avoid 3N34, then we've got nothing to worry about Then again, even if we come across Deep Creek, from what I understand, the forestry service's "road block" is nothing but a nice rock pile begging to be traversed. I wouldn't want to violate the rules and jeopardise our trails, however.


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          Oh, are you guys equiped with CB's? If so, what's the normal channel? I'm on 35 most of the time.


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            we gonna meet up down here tommy?

            We usually monitor channel 4...but whatever works

            call me.

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              I live over by the AM/PM at Winchester and Nicolas. Where's a good place to meet up?


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                We'll be on Channel 4 approaching Lake Arrowhead. We're going up 173.
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                  heheheh...had a great time wheeling with you guys, as usual...

                  We got home about 10:30, and I was exhausted. Went straight to bed (Sans shower...YUCK!) Sarah the dog, and Susans kids were a lump of bodies in the back seat all the way home. About 30 min from home, I was starting to justify closing one eye:yawn:, so I pulled over and let Susan get us home safely.

                  For all you guys who dont know finally got stuck It was SOOO close...hehe. I took the line up the side of the entrance to Holcomb Creek. Almost made it, posed for a picture, and slid off the rock Totally and thoroughly stuck. No amount of rock stacking and creative spotting could get me out. Finally, out came the strap, and Rick had the honor of rescuing me for the first time. Oh well, record broke. Im sure Sarahs got some great pics of it.

                  I was reading on JF this morning about John Bull, I think it was GoodTimes, he made mention to the fact that they made it more challenging about two weeks ago. At first I would have argued the fact, as I had no problems at all climbing the first rock garden (the one where Chris lost his rear window ) But, they sure have mades some areas interesting, lots of new rocks. After the narrow pass with the tree on the left, and the rocks descending near the end of the trail, before the dirt mounds and mud puddle(currently dry) were AWESOME. Totally new. My poor skid plates really took a beating. I was nearly stuck again near the top, but Ricks quick thinking and a few choice rocks got me going again.

                  We had the good luck of meeting up with Dave (the red Rubicon we met at Calico on Memorial Day) at the entrance of Holcomb Creek. What a total coincidence. He ran with us the rest of the day. I think he had his first carnage, some body damage...the tree won. His poor fender will never be the same again. (Dave, I came up with a username for ya... how about "rubyred?")

                  Thanks for another great day...Im looking forward to the next outing... We missed you guys...Chris , Brian :yay:, Chuck :hat: and Erik
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                  2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                  Rock-ItMan all the way around


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                    tams, you couldn't have summed up the day any better! and
                    YES, SHE GOT STUCK!
                    it's ok tho, it was a great place to get stuck! as she was climbing this amazing obstacle she slipped off of 'the important rock.' we'll have the photo montage later, we're going to the offroad expo!
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                      damn, tam! the one time you get stuck and get to be strapped... i'm not there to see it!
                      bummer. well, i cant wait till the next run.
                      see you all soon

                      95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                        I've got the evidence!

                        More at:


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                          awww man, I missed it!!! lol . . . GOOD JOB TAM!!!!! this means your trying the harder stuff, good for you. Although, I think you have a few more stucks to go before you can match my record. Sorry I missed this one, hope to see you guys and gals on the next one.
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                            sorry i missed this one. looks like you all had fun. good job Tam, keep testin' those limits! see ya next time.


                            "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                              Well that looks like a great weekend. would have loved to see the stuck that tams had gotten into. Darn it- would have had some carnage footage for the Jeep Videos. Wait till I have everyone stuck at some point- will be a cool DVD.

                              We went up to the Kings river- met Al, Igofshn, and tore up the water for a little while.

                              Next weekend it my daughters birthday party so it's an at home day. and the week after is maybe last chance canyon on the 21st.
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                                pixs up tonite!

                                sorry for the pic delay, but we've been working on the user uploadable pixs section. anyway, here's a preview ...

                                tams a little wedged in the rocks on holcomb

                                rick's rockin

                                everyone please stand up

                                4 jeeps that rock

                                dave's rockin jeep on john bull
                                My Jeep!