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Just a day late for Rubicon. but.......


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  • Just a day late for Rubicon. but.......

    It is Sunday nite in Kingman AZ. Had to tow the TJ in with the Rubicon/ Unlimitted, power steering pully shattered. Not bad for a tow vehicle. Sullys CJ is over heating. We are holed up at the Best Western
    across from the Jeep dealer and next door to Nappa so we should hit Moab Monday evening, then onto Colorado, did we have some Colorado members? We hope to make Massachuessetts with all 3 jeeps, any bets?

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    My peej doesnt like cruising in the desert when it's 105 out.....basically my radiator is toast. I think I could make it to denver but that's if I only move down the road at 55 and if gas goes down. That's just too slow so looking for a replacent radiator here in kingman.

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      You guys are nuts, but its sounds like an adventure. I was sure you would catch up to us on the Rubicon. You missed a great trip. I got home at 4PM on Sunday. Hope to see you next year at Rubicon, have fun on this trip.
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        We made it to moab...any recomendations on what trails we should check out?


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          What level of difficulty? Here's a few of my favs: Moab Rim (difficult), Poison Spider < Has the crack (moderate), Kane's Creek (easy). Where are you staying? Send us pics!
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            Whatever you think we can handle. We just dont want to end up on the scenic dirt roads.


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              hey guys

              i found you! ha, this is way more efficient than actually calling you... how silly.

              are you heading out here tomorrow? i hope so. i work both tomorrow and friday 1-5, but i can go jeeping or rock climbing (i am taking you) before or after work. make sure you let me know the plan because i have lots to do before i drive home friday night.

              oh, and my friends and i are going to a concert friday night and let me know if you want to come. sufjan stevens. im sure you havent heard of him but you might like it

              oh and do you need a place to stay? well let me know.

              hope you make it!!!



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                Well we ran the moab rim trail. A few spots were pretty tricky without lockers. Once at the top we thought it was a loop down the mountain but it was really a playground to mess around. We had a rollover at the bottom of the playground area. It was a slow roll only one time around and it landed back on it's tires. My dad is fine just bruised up. The jeep held up pretty good. The fenders and hood we just replaced are destroyed. The upper control arm mounts ripped off the rear axle taking the trackbar with it. Snapped a shock in half. Blew out both side windows on the doors and cracked the windshield. Hole in the radiator. We welded up the rear uppers and trackbar/control arm mounts. On the climb out of the playground without the shock his suspension over extended and the coil spring fell out. When this happened his rear driveshaft snapped. We pulled it so we would have at least front wheel drive. Then when that happened the trackbar/control arm mount broke loose again. Our welder was about done so we couldnt weld anymore all we could do was run straps to position and hold the axle. Yes it was scary. I towed him up out of the playground, winched 3 times and pulled the rest of the way. Going down was easy except for the one double step. We had his jeep so sideways that the front tire popped off the bead. We changed it. We got off the trail at about 430 this morning it was a long, challenging and scary rescue due to no light. Were back now and everyone is safe. We are fixing the suspension and the radiator and looking foir replament windows. Pictures later I am so beat!


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                  wow talk about everything going wrong at once, at least you are safe and had a kick ass time

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                    OHmygosh! What do you mean by Playground area? Like up around here?

                    The mesa-like area on top? How far back did you go? Which obstacle did he roll on? WTF!! So now what are you going to do about the rest of your trip!?
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                      That looks like a different trail. We ran this one.



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                        My pic is from the "top" of Moab Rim. You said you played around at the top.
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                          Here are some pictures.



                          The spot of the rollover

                          Temporary welding camp

                          Could a mod move this to the right forum?


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                            wow was that the 1st time with all the goods on it. sry about what happend hopw your dad cool. BTW when you get back in town i have good news


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                              so are you planning to fix it all back up again, or just keep it as a trail beater?
                              you sure made a mess of it!
                              glad no one was hurt in the roll over.

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