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July 30-Aug 1 Big Bear


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  • July 30-Aug 1 Big Bear

    Tent Peg is once again reserved, I've got a number of people planning to camp, can probably fit a few more in, and anyone is welcome to come wheel for the day. Friday I'll arrive, do a night run if there's interest. Saturday is a work day on White Mountain, not much work to do though, most likely just pick up trash if there's any. Hopefully John Bull after that? Sunday COULD be Deep Creek, I'd like to go up and down the waterfall, rather then just down. Big BBQ Saturday night, if you partake I'd like for you to donate to the food fund, I'll get more details as it comes, hopefully next week, start putting together a list of people coming and all that...
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    I'll say maybe.
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      I don't think we have anything going on that weekend, maybe we'll show up for the day run.
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        My little Jeep can't play there yet. Have fun be safe.
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          Originally posted by CMeTopless818
          My little Jeep can't play there yet. Have fun be safe.

          This place tuff or something? :confused:
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            Did Dishpan Springs/Deep Creek open?
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              Originally posted by jmbrowning
              Did Dishpan Springs/Deep Creek open?
              Not yet - early 2005 is what the prognosis is.
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                I am new to MJR but would like to do the day trip. I have a 2004 stock liberty do you think i would have trouble with this trail?
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                  Depending on which trail runs they or we do, yes you will have trouble. You can always ride along the first time and check out the trails though -- and you will have fun in your Jeep on the forest roads and the easier trails, there is alot of geocaching in dem der hills too

                  I'm sure as the time draws near the schedule and difficulty of runs will become more definite.
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                    I just got back from 4 days in Big Bear today.

                    Dishpan is still closed.

                    White Mountain was plenty clean.

                    John Bull was easy, lots of trail building has been done.

                    Holcomb was easy, lots of trail building has been done.

                    The trails need a really really good downpour to get all the silt out from tweenst the rocks and putsome difficulty back in.

                    Nobody and I mean nobody was there. We saw 10 other Jeeps, 10 JEEPS! 2 seperate groups of 5. I remember waiting 4 hours to hit Dishpan and 3 hours to do John Bull. That was only 3 years ago. Where have all the Jeepers gone. We were the only people in our entire camp site (Crab Flats) after Sunday.

                    ImBeamer I have wheeled with a stock Liberty and you should not try theses trails without some basic mods, like your front swaybar and better tires. We couldn't even get one to the entrance to split rock in Anza.

                    I may be interested in this trip as my son and I were either going this weekend or the next for a few days.

                    Sorry about jacking your thread.
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                      haha no problem

                      we're involved with the OHV volunteers, so we may get access again to Deep Creek. It's up in the air, and I'd have to discuss it with Greg. besides us, the Dirt Devils recently ran the trail and did a bit of maintenance so I don't think it really needs another group going through it. i like both sides of holcomb but i can't stand the middle part with the drop offs and off camber trail...get's unnerving after awhile we may do that though, i've got to pull out my map and make plans.

                      thanks for the interest, i'll post again soon.
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                        I might be interested in this trip. I got back from Big Bear about 6 hours ago. We were up there from Friday until today.

                        Not crowded at all, ran into TommyJeep and some other Jeepaholics and maybe 2 other groups over the course of 2 days.

                        As mentioned the trails aren't that bad at all. One vehicle in our group was a 2001 Grand Cherokee, 100% stock. He did Holcomb with us and suffered ZERO damage. He did however, require alot of spotting through the rock garden areas.

                        John Bull....well we had next to no problems there except on Saturday when the trail was blocked by 2 Hummers (H1's). One was broke, the other got stuck trying to get the broke one out. Ran it this morning and no one else was around.

                        Great fun, weather was nice, but the dust got old fast that place needs RAIN!
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                          I too am new to MJR.... Depending on the Cash Flow, I think i may go up for atleast one day....
                          I just went a few weeks ago for my first time and I am pretty Hooked now!
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                            I might be able to come up for the day on Saturday.

                            I have heard a lot of different things about Big Bear from easy to killer. Any problems with a stock 98 TJ Sport?

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                              I went up there a few weeks ago and one of the guys in the group had a near stock TJ and made it through John Bull and Holcomb Valley, I think he was running 31's, no lockers, Maybe disconects. I pulled him out once. I have only been up once, but it seems that everyone is saying that the trails are pretty easy right now.
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