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Rowher June 12


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  • Rowher June 12

    Went out to rowher with some peeps. Some new peeps, some old peeps, and just jeeps. Had a blast and put a few faces with their names. All the jeeps worked great and we had no problems. I have got tons of pics but I am uploading them right now. SO stand by. It was nice meeting all of you that I had never met before.

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    Today was awsome! Got to go wheeling, meet some new cool people, and enjoy california in a jeep! Thats what it's all about right? Any ways, here are the pics from todays run at rowher.

    Then we all drove out to the trail head 10 minutes down the road.

    We all pulled off at the trail head and aired down and disconnected.

    Everyone got their tires down to the right pressure and we went on up the trail!

    By the way, the yellow jeep on the left is the jeep we picked up in colorado a few months back. Its no longer a stocker, it's all lifted and rocked out! The one on the right is my dad's.


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      The group stopped a couple of times. Here is our first stop.

      On up we went and at the top of the mountain there is a rock pile.
      Cricket decides to drive part way up it.

      Moving along at a pretty good pace, here we are cruising along the top of one of the mountain ridges.

      Dusty dad and the white beast!
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        More dusty mountain ridge pics.

        Playing on rocks.

        HOLD ON JACK!(jacks is our antenna dude)

        Jeeps on the ridge behind us.

        Jeeps stopped again.

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          Jeeps in motion


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            Some of us decided to turn around just to try one hill that we had just come down.
            You know it's mean!

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              Great pic of the CJ6.....

              Airing up to go home....

              On the road home playing jeep games.

              Turns out the CJ5 wanted to play too!

              And that was the end. Everyone made it over rowher with no problems. Everything went smoothly. we had a good turn out on this run, 1 CJ6, 1 YJ, and 5 TJs. As you may have noticed my jeep ws not present on this run. :cry: It is on blocks in the garage. Still had a blast riding shotgun.

              It was nice meeting all of you for the first time. Hope to see you on the trail some time soon!


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                Had a blast meeting you guys and wheeling with you. Hey sully, some of the pics are'nt coming thru but the one' I can see are good. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you guys.
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                  I noticed, try looking at them here an tell me if they work.



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                    some of them work now here sully
                    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                      hmm, now they all do!
                      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                        I like jack.

                        "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                          i know jack!!!
                          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                            We had a great time up there. First time for us on such a trail. A big thanks to everyone for helping us along. I got a chance to put a quick video together (Part 1). If you have broadband and windows media player, you should be able to stream it.

                            Trip Video Part 1
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                              Cool thread!!! The pic problem is with imagestation I believe
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