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TDS Safari 2004 Photos/Report


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  • TDS Safari 2004 Photos/Report

    What a great trip!!

    Sad to say we had to leave so early, and since I haven't heard from anyone I don't think we won any awesome raffle prizes, hahaha.

    Truckhaven is a great WARM place! Kinda reminded me of the Calico nite run with all of the dirt and hills everywhere.

    Thanks Tam & Chris for putting up the signs & banners. Erik, thanks for watching our ticket, hope we won!! haha We had a great night run where Chris and Erik gave us a great show -- it was great to meet Mikey and all of the Johns! Jim's carne and margaritas were top notch as always and Happy Birthday Cajun, hope the cake tasted great, ALL OF YOU ROCK!

    I just got back (not from TDS lol) so let me dig up some pics!
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    Awesome TDS as always. Tam has some pics, but as usual it will take some time. We just got back and smell like arse. Maybe we'll post um tonight. Rick and Sarah, you guys left too early!!! We went on a night run where I proceeded to wreck my sh!t in a dirt V-notch. It rocked! Got some new damage Anyway, everyone seemed to have a good time. Can't wait for next year!
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      what damage did you make for yourself?
      did no one win the raffle?
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        Rockin Pixs!

        Here's a teaser:

        MORE PICS
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          it was a great time, and rick/sarah, sorry.. you are losers of the raffle just like the rest of us i was soooo ready to go up there all price is right style, and collect some stuff. . however... one member of our group won some beadlocks, and some other stuff.
          chris put a nice dent above the drivers rear wheel, and mangled some other sheetmetal . he thrives on that stuff.
          i dont have many pictures, but when i get some time, i'll post them.

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            1994 Toyota, dual cases, 5.29 axles with ARB's


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              Nice Pics, wish I could of made it, will have to go next year.
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                tam whats your guest login for imagestation?
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                  John - wrenching again.


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                    How'd the Rubicon Flop??? Looks like he was maybe goofing off on the boulder???

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                      Nice pics guys.. I tried to get over to your camp, but just stayed waaay to busy.. LOL.. I had a blast as well.. Here are my pics:

                      Im the one in a couple pics, wearing the " I fear no beer" T shirt

                      Here's a pic of my junk, with my buddys next to it...

                      And here's a pic of the sweet Pro comp spring flex:

                      And a couple of the many rig stackings that went on over the course of a weekend..

                      Here's my buddies amigo, getting up on my hood:

                      Here's my buddy Todd's Formula Toy buggy denting my rear quarter panel.. shortly after we pushed him back over onto his wheels, cuz he just had to get his buggy up onto my hood..

                      I had a BLAST..
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                        damn kirk... that's a hell of a camera you got. nice pics all.

                        "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                          Thanks- I got some more but I havn't loaded them up yet.
                          1997 Jeep Wrangler


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                            The Rubi was being stupid and the rock (dirt) that he was playing on gave way and over he went.
                            1994 Toyota, dual cases, 5.29 axles with ARB's


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                              Yeah I just woke up after a nice long shower and some good sleep. Nice pics guys, I had a great time once we got the locker working. Rick and Sarah the cake was great, thank you very much. It was nice to get back out a get wheeling with you guys again after a couple mouths off. Whens the next run?
                              I have 2