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Tools left at Cougar Buttes


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  • Tools left at Cougar Buttes

    I realize this isn't a "trail ride", but I figured this is the best place to post this request

    I'm a dumbass... Seems I left my Craftsman socket set out at Cougar Buttes this past Saturday. Just realized it now, but I know exactly where it is. It's on a rock pile out at Cougar Buttes.

    If anyone is headed out that direction this weekend, please email me and I'll describe exactly where they can be found. Most likely they're still sitting there. We were messing around on some un-tracked rocks. It's a large rock pile and they're sitting up there a ways. I doubt anyone has noticed them.

    Also, if anyone hears of someone finding these tools, perhaps we can negotiate a return to me.

    The socket set is a 80 to 100 piece craftsman set in a gray box. Approx 12"x10"x3". 1/2" drive, 3/8" drive, 1/4" drive, english & metric. Also, my key for the lug-lock for my spare tire is in there, but currently the lug-lock is not in use.

    Here's the best picture I could find of the toolbox. It shows it opened:
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    this is johnson valley isn't it?
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      Yeah, Cougar Buttes is in the west side of the ORV park. It's near Lucerne Valley and Apple Valley. Oh, it's right down the street from you, isn't it?

      You know CampRock road? It's real close to there. Feel like going on a treasure hunt?


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        Here's my best guestimate for where they're at. I can write directions that are pretty specific though to get you to the exact rockpile.


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          rick and i have been talking about checking out JV and seeing what else is there besides the hammers. what trails are back there?

          i'll talk to rick and see if he's up for it this weekend. it will be like geocaching! blktj, you in?
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            There's only one trail that I know of. We made it last July. Called it "Hole in the Rock". Nothing too extreme, but fun. Mostly what is there is "piles-o-fun". You look for a fun rock to climb, climb it and move on. Look for trouble or avoid it, whatever.

            Here's a picture of why the trail got it's name:


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              Looks like I'm driving out there tomorrow to see in they're still there. Had a bunch of friends tell me it's worth the effort. Trying to find someone interested in wheeling while we're out there.


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                Ok keep us posted. I have a job interview tomorrow. Figures. LOL.
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                  Good luck, both of you!
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                    I can't go this weekend I've gotta work on Saturday.

                    "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                      Drove out this morning and picked them up. They were exactly where I left them:


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                        Rock on! Glad they were still there.
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                          That's one heck of a drive from where you live.

                          Gotta love Craftsman tools though! Glad to hear they were still where you left them!
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                            Glad you found them!! That would suck to drive out there and find them gone:yawn:
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                              Thanks everyone. They were a bit off the beaten path, so I wasn't too surprised. It was still a relief though