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  • three word thread - digest #2

    you really should

    drive your Jeep...

    to the mall ...

    then lower it...

    get lottsa chrome...

    let's start over...


    get a life

    get out now

    Just Have Fun

    Empty Every Pocket

    let's go swimming!

    in the nude

    in the winter

    My Jeep Rocks

    with no top

    only in california!

    In Big Bear

    Kaffa is legal

    Originally posted by nagal
    Kaffa is legal
    W T F !

    This is Fun!

    Originally posted by nagal
    Kaffa is legal
    Dont remind Chris

    He's not barefoot

    he's wearing socks

    Are you drinking?

    yes, of course!

    (but the point is to make a story, not just any old random 3 words here ...)

    She yelled as

    as it went

    slithering down the

    firm and oily

    pole in the

    smoke filled room

    Bob Marley Concert

    whats that smell

    It's Chris' Ass

    you must know

    cant stand it

    that it stinks

    In my Jeep

    guess it's time

    to go to

    the qwikie mart

    because i can

    buy porn now

    and stay home

    but sometimes I

    rip one out

    and blame it

    on Jill the

    Little Rat Dog

    She is not

    mine is though

    small and furry

    but needs shaving

    every other day

    to keep the

    fleas of her

    i want sex!
    i need sex!
    right now please!

    Originally posted by IVasty
    i want sex!
    i need sex!
    right now please!
    Dude! Get with the program!

    Originally posted by IVasty
    i want sex!
    i need sex!
    right now please!
    damn, we're not running a porn site here ... please keep it pg-13.

    I might have totally misunderstood "my jeep rocks" up to this point then. :yawn: :omg: :oops: :hijack:

    Originally posted by nagal
    fleas of her
    hairy ass, and.....

    in the jeep

    Originally posted by Navy-Jeepster
    in the jeep
    she balanced his

    so what you are say is what i put was bad!
    but what this guy says was ok ?? i just wrote words that is it i though it would be funny. he put something just is bad as what i put?? and this one is not bad eather.
    will i'm sorry i was just trying to put some 3 words. seams like everything i wright on here i get yelled a sorry. i know it is not a porn site but i was just going with the word thing 3 words sorry.

    in the nude

    buy porn now
    Jesus forgives, rocks don't.

    @ivasty: viset thes sight

    umm, i'm lost

    in the desert

    Originally posted by IVasty
    so what you are say is what i put was bad!
    but what this guy says was ok ?? i just wrote words that is it i though it would be funny. he put something just is bad as what i put?? and this one is not bad eather.
    will i'm sorry i was just trying to put some 3 words. seams like everything i wright on here i get yelled a sorry. i know it is not a porn site but i was just going with the word thing 3 words sorry.

    in the nude

    buy porn now
    Jesus forgives, rocks don't.

    you seem a bit confused.

    are you telling me that you cant come up with a way to put "she balanced his" into a sentence without sexual connotation?
    well then, let me help you...
    "she balanced his" tire on a

    now, the 3 words used dont work. "she balanced his" in the nude... now that sounds ridiculous. not everything in this thread has to be about sex nor vaginas.

    then in the previous post nagal put his 3 cents in "fleas of her" and you wrote i want sex! i need sex! right now please!. now, there are a few problems with this response. firstly, it is more that the requested 3 words. secondly, not all posts to this thread have to be about sex nor vaginas.
    "fleas of her" i want sex! i need sex! right now please!.... this again, simply sounds ridiculous.

    dont get nervous. everything is going to be oookk.

    Originally posted by tjrubicon
    umm, i'm lost
    Originally posted by Navy-Jeepster
    in the desert
    so help me

    with my beer

    its getting warm

    grab some ice

    and a mug

    pour on Duke69's

    W T F!

    did Erik do

    with my cigar?

    don't look in

    Sarah's chartreuse purse

    you might find

    a little yapping

    large battery operated

    music filled Ipod

    (Youre welcome Sarah!)

    playing, aerosmith PINK

    to much dismay

    the stupid MAC

    started to smoke

    and spew large

    data chuncks out

    shooting corrupted signals

    squealing into my

    favorite *edit* (koi) pond

    where the cat

    urinates with such

    a fiery blast

    that I can't

    get off me

    begin to comprehend

    so I rolled

    the hamster around

    until it puked

    a Dana35 axleshaft

    *had to edit because TJSupe posted so my orginal made no sense*

    with a bucket

    yo mama is

    not to sure

    when she dropped

    you on your

    big egg shaped

    exremely hairy bellybutton

    which was leaking

    smelly slimey green

    deep fried tofu

    that he thought

    looked like Jebus

    was whale snot...

    everyone LOL'd until

    I peed my

    new orange knickers

    and then opened

    a pack of

    fruity red starburst

    which were moldy

    yet bitter sweet

    from being left

    in a jar

    of pickle juice

    and pickled herring

    and cod oil

    because it tastes

    like a juicy

    warmed over roadkill

    hightop converse sneaker

    like my Ex

    wife's boyfriend's crusty

    who was totally

    smashed from the

    party of sarah

    where the pool

    made everyone cold

    and wanting to

    drink more beer

    before turning the

    pool into a

    port a john

    steaks over. Then (you guys beat me to it.)

    EDIT: when I went

    to scratch my

    doggie named jill

    whose cold wet

    little red hat

    went rolling down

    with its wheels

    spinning and spinning

    out of control

    like a broken

    hummer rim going

    to be mounted

    with duct tape

    around dukes69's ass

    but his ass

    erupted a loud

    thunderous gaseous emission

    that choked off

    The gerbal he

    had in his

    coat pocket when

    petting his giraffe

    named Pepe who

    bit him on

    the fleshy part

    he adopted from

    of his sack

    after throwing the

    ballerina dress over

    the balcony rail

    behind the pink

    satin lace panties

    that Dukes69 took

    off his wildebeast

    for the enema

    to dance naked

    under the moonlight

    on Holcomb Creek

    with open diffs

    and flat tires

    and obnoxious children

    screaming from the

    steaming pot of

    boiling oil poured

    into their nostrils

    "owch" they cried

    by the fire

    and orange striped

    Bass lurking under

    from their inflamed

    Originally posted by nagal
    from their inflamed
    orifice poured cheesy

    leftover chicken soup

    Originally posted by Old Fart
    leftover chicken sou[
    combined with black

    nonferrous metallic particles

    eyed peas smashed

    between their toes

    and oozed upwards

    as bees buzzed

    towards the open

    unsuspecting mouth of

    the nubile young

    beaver who sat

    elongating its neck

    so it could

    hawk up phlegm

    onto Dukes69 bare

    hairless, wrinkled scalp

    making it glisten

    like a pile

    of melted M&M's

    which melt in

    your nose if

    you don't blow

    in nailers ear

    but look out

    he just might

    shave his chicken

    throwing the fur

    into the air

    for chris L

    armed with sprayglue

    and bags to

    make a hairpiece

    with the fur

    and porcupine needles

    so his mohawk

    with purple spikes

    and mouse traps {I actually did this as a punk with stoplight bright red hair back in the late 70's/early eigties. And I do have a picture somewhere}

    with dead mice

    {post that pic! }

    would stand out

    like Sarah's smile

    when she is

    sucking down slurpee's

    by the pool

    wearing a thong

    and high heels

    riding a unicycle

    around the jacuzzi

    with a drink

    of purple hue

    and bad smell.

    To my surprise

    it was vodka

    with a twist

    of plum wine

    the she slipped

    and lost her

    balance on the

    enormous mutant cockroach

    that was chasing

    my overzealous dachshund

    that's bigger than

    Tam's abcessed toenail

    which looks like

    my Ex wife's

    tuna noodle cassarole

    after several warm

    and somewhat gooey

    crusty nose hairs

    that she picked

    from NAILER's scalp

    then rubbed them

    with her teeth

    before spitting them

    back into the

    bowl of prunes

    that look like

    big rat terds

    on sourdough bagels

    by the rocks

    attracting wingless flys

    (now called "walks")

    ba ha ha

    male toe on

    over big rocks

    in johnson valley

    made of titanium

    like my big

    tires on a

    basket full of

    flies and other

    miscellaneous items of

    yard sale cabbage

    spare NASA parts

    then Macho Doughnut

    Man came out

    proudly wearing his

    bright yellow cape

    with glowing neon

    coffee cups and

    bligidy bliggidy

    his tinkerbell outfit

    spinning yarn into

    into my jeeps

    storage compartment when

    my phlem filled

    bunny rabbit gagged

    on my bowlingball

    and hit Doughnut

    square in the

    nuts. Doughnut yelped

    ay caramba Pedro!

    What did you

    do that for?

    well howdy then

    Doughnut's nemesis said.

    "I am here

    for the beer!

    So be sure

    you only drink

    the green part

    of the cactus

    because of the

    previous restraining order

    that allowed the

    girlfriends underage friends

    to ride on

    the greying moustache

    as they giggled

    with feigned innocence

    and a love

    of pickled herring

    while eating peanuts

    from my earlobes

    covered in gritty

    porkchops and applesauce

    that tastes great!

    Time to start

    the Atkins diet

    so my heart

    will suddenly feel

    squishy, and soft

    Than grab for

    some fresh undergarments

    from Victoria's Secret

    to hang from

    the pink satin

    rusty, rubber yet

    useless coil springs

    under Dukes69's Jeep

    sat in disrepair

    from leftover pens

    falling onto its

    snorkel and whaletail

    which was bought

    by uncle greaser

    and his band

    the sanctamonious sphincters

    of the underworld

    Red, fiery, Pansies

    with dachshund noses

    XXXL shamo collection

    And A Pigtail

    from braided pubic


    that smelled like

    Mr Noodles breath

    after drinking sour

    milk with chunks

    my three-legged dog

    eating old oatmeal

    But where's Yogi?

    and little BoBo

    now that we're

    24 pages long

    and still don't

    have a end

    to this goofy

    impersonation of a

    never ending thread

    How will we

    every defeat the

    dreaded thread monster

    who's improper grammer

    continues to cause

    much grief upon

    the back of

    my big brain

    which is overflowing

    with thoughts of

    John Goodman dancing naked

    Thank you paul for ending it. He used 4 words that means its over.

    THE END!

    But wait, something

    crawled out of

    the darken corner

    of the thread

    fwom betwix de twees

    It looked like

    leftover 767 parts

    coming to life

    on Jeff's desk

    and discussing Marx's

    opinion of Sarah

    back when she

    celebrated her 40th

    birthday, at the

    Pomona Chuck ECheese

    then puking on

    the front of

    Nailers rebuilt axle

    Tuscaloosa Moose lodge

    is where mooses

    and mutant mice

    get together and

    spank monkeys for

    religous purposes with

    very large clubs

    Originally posted by sarah
    very large clubs
    until their brains

    bounced boyantly along

    the dotted line

    on the floor

    that leads to

    slimy, reheated soup

    that smelled like

    Tam's unwashed toes

    in the heat

    and massive humidity

    after she walked

    into the nostril

    of a dragon

    wearing only her

    tuesday underwear, friday

    the cheese melted

    and her bare

    Originally posted by Old Fart
    wearing only her
    lacy pink socks

    from Erik's closet

    that made her

    That he wears

    almost every Tuesday

    Before and after

    his weekly pedicure

    is done by

    masked hairless monkeys

    with purple gonads

    wrapped up in

    crunchy tastefull elegant

    beaver topped with

    rancid stuffed olives

    But tall creepy

    necrophile virgin hamsters

    started chewing on

    her underdeveloped small

    cheddar cheese filled

    weiner before she

    STRUCK with great

    slushy squishy sounding

    flat jeep tires
    Last edited by sarah; 10-28-05, 06:13 PM.
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:

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    weee, here's another digest.
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      after reading that I realized....... we're sick
      censored for having an opinion


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        What's this "we" business, Pond Scum?

        Ah ain't sick - Ah's Eccentric!
        You're just upset because the voices in my head only talk to ME!