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Fav music to Jeep topless...


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  • Fav music to Jeep topless...

    So as the title says... whats your fav music or CD to Jeep topless?

    Mine would hafta be... 311 - Greatest Hits
    Yellow 01 Sport
    4" Pro Comp lift | D44 | 33x12.5 Duratracs

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    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      What is Squizz?
      Yellow 01 Sport
      4" Pro Comp lift | D44 | 33x12.5 Duratracs


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        channel 48, XM radio (hard rock)
        :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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          Ahhh I see. Never thought o that.

          I also like to listen to 80's rock, some of it. But I'm only 21 so its a small selection.
          Yellow 01 Sport
          4" Pro Comp lift | D44 | 33x12.5 Duratracs


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            Rage Against the Machine for rocks.

            Gospel for Off-Camber

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              Nothing beats the back in black cd for wheeling
              a Savantage cd works
              maybe some Marilyn Mason. Extreme, or Motley, Metallica in the rocks, or Megadeth.
              but I am just a old metal head
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                Ah when I get my cd player going. I can see some red hott chili peppers, beck, muse, and foo fighters coming on every now and then. Just wait till I set up my intercom. Then I can broadcast my music!!!


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                  Hmmm, lets see:

                  Bluegrass (the more hick the better) for around the campfire
                  Van Halen, NOT van hagar . . . I dont care if they advanced musically as a band. hagar blows and will forever blow HARD!
                  Metallica, old stuff . . . new stuff blows
                  Anything that rocks!!

                  I usually scan between 40 - 52 on the XM
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                    Well I'm at the mercy of my totally awesome OEM am/fm 2-speaker setup . However since I first got the Jeep I've noticed that driving around town topless matches very well with the Grateful Dead, while topless on the trail seems to go better with classic southern rock (Allmans, Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, etc.) or blues rock (SRV, Jeff Healey, etc.). I don't know why, but my favorite prog and metal stuff (Rush, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, etc.) seems to work better when the top is up and I'm moving at higher speeds.
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                      Man, There is a lot of good music going around on this thread. I am into a lot of old Metal, Classic Rock, Fun

                      Dukes69 nailed it: OLD Metallica, Pantera (RIP Dimebag), Sepultura, ACDC, Galactic.

                      Dream Theater Rocks! I saw Mike Portney (Drummer) at Guitar center when he was doing a drum show. That was awesome to see him live jamming on a kit in front of you just jamming a bunch of their songs.
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                        Jack FM
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                          Good old johnny cash, mearl, willy, There is only two kinds of good music, country and western,
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                            Squizz kicks ass... but I like to blare Pearl Jam.

                            I fix things.


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                              Can't turn it up loud enough to hear it on the road, don't believe in it on the trail
                              You're just upset because the voices in my head only talk to ME!