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  • I hate theifs

    Woke up early to cash a check for 200 bucks to put towards some rockers and new tires and head to the beach for some surfing this morning, get dont my buddys back pack is gone with his wallet 150 cash his phone, credit/debit cards, military ID, you name it stolen, and he stole my towel, bastard. Get to my jeep, sliding window got pry'd open all my clothes are gone with my wallet, 200 dollars, all ID SSN Card, everything. Luckly we got all of our account numbers switched over and cards cancelled. Bad day, thanks for letting me vent.
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    Son of a BITCH! That !!!!ing blows dude. I'm sorry to hear that. I've had shit stolen from me before, its a pretty helpless feeling. At least they didnt take the Jeep!
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      Yeah still got the jeep, and had my phone and face plate locked up in the center console.... Wish I remebered to put my wallet in there
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        yea, I hate them also
        I caught someone Saturday looking under my cab cover in a mall parking lot(do not even start the mall wheeling jokes)and I asked them how much they valued thier arms. He stated he was going call the cops for threatening him, I told him to go right ahead, at least that way he would have free medical for the broken arm I was going give him for getting into my jeep. I guess the tweaker decided that exit stage right was prudent.
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          A few years ago, a friend and I went surfing at O'side Harbor. He decided to leave his key behind the plastic tailgate cover. Needless to say, when we returned from the water, his truck was gone....along with many of my personal items (wallet, phone, clothes, etc.). He got his truck back, but that was it.

          A few weeks before TDS, my RV was broken into. They took tools, DVD's, and damaged the dash getting out the CD/radio. That and a few other things that added up to over $500+.

          I feel your pain...........

          Another thing you can do is post-up on and and tell your story. It'll help lifeguards/Police track crimes in that area, and a fellow surfer may have saw something suspicious. BTW, where were you surfing ??
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            I had my radio stolen last year.... it sucks. While a radio is nothing compared to an ID, I feel your pain. F)(*&! c*^suckers.

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              La Jolla, Well they made 4 phone calls, on my buddies phone, Any know a FREE Cell phone reverse look up??? We'd love to find this guy...... they were all to younger sounding males, 20s and one to a girl billy jean.
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                I think it's time to visit billy jean and see who's been calling her.

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                  Sorry to hear that dude.

                  I have been lucky in that I have not had anything stolen from my jeep.
                  But we leave nothing of value in it. If I leave something in the jeep, it is something that I do not want anyways.

                  I have thought of boxing up some trash and wrapping it up to look like a nice present. Then leave my jeep unlocked to see if they would steal a box of trash wrapped up.
                  I think it would be funny to see their face when they unwrapped that box of trash. hehe

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                    That does suck. A few years ago I had my brand new Kenwood CD player ripped out of my Camaro while visiting a friend. I was sitting in his apartment, bunch of people outside cooking out and stuff and wouldn't ya know body saw anything. They were all about 30 feet from where my car was.
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                      dammit....last week my i went out to my jeep in the driveway to go to school and i saw the vent window was busted and my stereo was gone along with a cigarette lighter spotlight. nor much compared to yours but it still blows. there has been a string of car breakins and stolen stuff in my neighborhood which makes me want to camp out with the trusty lead pipe...or possibly an aluminum bat an some handcuffs......damn theives
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                        Ohh man that does suck,
                        ss dude,
                        We are lookin forward to seeing most of you at hdr,
                        we will be in the area but probably not competing since the gold digger won't have had her cherry broken yet, we will be rock ready tho
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                          Originally posted by skates04
                          I hate thiefs.
                          Yah man, I hear ya.
                          See my sig. I lost the whole rig, from right in front of my house. They popped the guy driving it three weeks later and it still had our stuff in the glove box:
                          insurance card
                          daughters class schedule with our work, home, and cell phone numbers.
                          He even had a key to the house since my daughter left her set in the rig.
                          What a dufas.

                          They guy could have easily called at any time, and dropped by when no one was home and helped himself to antiques, home theater, computers, etc. My homeowners deductible is $1000.

                          Insurance paid enough to buy a new jeep, but all the upgrades come out of our pocket.

                          Sorry to hear it.