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CONTEST #2: What's the first thing you did when you bought your Jeep?


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  • CONTEST #2: What's the first thing you did when you bought your Jeep?

    What's the first thing you did when you bought your Jeep?
    Tell us your story and win ...

    the ENTHUSIAST 4x4 101 DVD!
    Finally, a DVD that speaks our language! Enthusiast 4x4 101 takes you on an adventure right in your own living room! This DVD is great for new Jeepers to learn basic Jeep tech, trail driving tips, land use issues, and responsible offroading. And there's a special treat for even the experienced Jeeper - an action packed section of Utah trail reports and of course the obligatory video collage of hardcore rock crawlin' action!
    P.S. The video is worth watching just to see the Toyota minivan in a rock garden!

    RULES: Get creative! Tell us about the first thing you did when you bought your Jeep, whether it's a story about jumping for joy at the dealership or your first dirt road experience ... the best post will be voted by MJR Moderators on Friday, April 8, 2005. If you'd like to post a picture with your post and need a place to host it, please PM me.
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    I'll start.....I got my jeep 3 months after I bought my house. I'd been wanting to get a Rubicopn since I heard about them and went to look at them when they came out, with girlfriend in toe. I almost bought an 03 that day, but listened to the gf and passed. So, I get called off work one day, Feb. 18 04, and decide to go looking at the Jeeps again. No gf this time I bought it, took it off the lot drove all over the place, showed all my friends. Now we get to the good part, my gf asked me to wait until I at least had one of my trucks paid off or sold along with my car before I got one so I would be able to afford it better.....yeah right She was working the day I bought it and since I had been driving all over the place, I put just overe 300 miles on it the first day, and she didn't get off work until 10pm I went to hang out with some buddies.

    I get home at about 12:30 am, go inside and just keep rubber neckin it to look out the window. She's asking what the hell I'm doin, and I say "Look out the window...I GOTS A JEEP!!!!" She wasn't happy, but I bugged her with the I gots a jeep for about 3 weeks straight until she finally stopped gripin cause I bought it. That was the first thing I did when I got my Jeep, KEPT IT A SECRET FROM THE GF UNTIL I COULDN'T RESIST ANY LONGER (stupid caps). Lame story, but it was fun tickin her off with it.
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      The first thing I did as soon as I signed the bill of sale, I asked the sales lady to help me take down the top. She said, "right now?" The rest of the sales force watched in what seemed like amazement from the window. I remember it like it was yesterday
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        Wheeled it. Seriously.....straight from the lot to the dirt and rocks.

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          Drove back from Phoenix and stopped off at a Gentlemen's club along the way to avoid driving while tired

          Did a little bumping and grinding with Sophia, hence the name, Sophia!

          Hey, it's what happened -
          "your jeep looks so hot!!"


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            I was really excited when I got my jeep because I really wanted the ultimate "tank" of a vehicle. I decided to see what the jeep could handle and navigated my way to the Fort Hood training area (without an area access pass...a serious no-no). Along the way I drove through some small rock-bottom streams and such, no big deal to most Senior Jeepers, but being the newb I was, it was a blast. Well, the girlfriend was yappin the whole time about the wind blowing her hair all around and messing it up so we stopped after we passed a bridge that ran over a small, fast flowing river. We decided to walk down to the river and take a few pics, which was exciting to her but boring to me, as I wanted to jump in. Needless to say, she was being very cautious not to fall in, but I was jumping from rock to rock. I started to empty my pockets and I knew she knew what was going through my mind. I immediately stepped in and began to make my way to the other side, almost being swept away by the violent current several times. The whole time Lisa is yelling at me because i'm still fully clothed, from my boots to my hat and my oakleys. Well, she was screaming for me to come back, but I wouldn't without her getting pictures first, and she finally agreed to snap a few. I was only in to about the waist, but I was tired of hearing about how cold I was gonna be on the way home. I dunked myself to my shoulders and told her I was a Navy Seal and she was giving my position away, I was even "aiming" my machine gun. Anyway, I finally got out and received more brutal tongue-lashings till we got back to the jeep. The ride home was actually quite nice. It was really awesome because helicopters kept flying overhead. I knew from that point on that it was the best vehicle I ever had and probably the last make I will ever buy. My girlfriend had fun, but she doesn't understand why I did it. I just keep telling her it's a jeep thing...most people don't understand

            Navy Seal pic...
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              I was hungry. After spending a lot of time at the dealership I wanted some food. So a few exits up the freeway from where I bought the Jeep (Carlsbad) I stopped at an In-and-Out to hit the drive through.

              While I was waiting in line at the drive through someone in a black YJ pulled into a parking space near the drivethrough line. He gave me my first Jeep wave and shouted "Your going to love it!" He was right....
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                I let my dad drive it home because I didn't know how to drive stick yet and couldn't take it on the freeway. I was on the trail that weekend where tammy et al. helped to make the first mod with the bumper caps.
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                  Changed the stereo!!!
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                    THis is a multi answer

                    First thing I did was get the sales man to help me take down the top, Real jeeps go topless I figure, and who would know better how to take it down. Well about 45 minutes later, 2 other salesmen, and finally getting a jeep owner picking up his jeep froma oilchange, we had the top off, I had bout my first accessory, a window and upper door bag and I was off. Styling in my new jeep wind in the hair fealing stupid with those little tires, need less to say when I got home I had new tires and rims, 5 stock tires tied down in the back, top down and lift ordered from 4west. that weekend I had it lifted and rock rails put on. My wife took all my credit cards from me and told me I had a problem
                    My answer

                    "problem? what problem? you know that a jeep is like buying a blank canvas, and I am painting my masterpeice."
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                      The first thing I did was drive it every where.

                      First mod was installing a roll cage!


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                        I figured i had to try out the back seat the first day, Picked up the jeep and stuffed my 15yo and his freind in the back seat. the wife, my son, his friend and myself went to universal studios.
                        Those of you that know me and my son, know that we arent exactly the littles guys, so with all four of us in there it was a cozy little trip of 75 miles each way..
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                          I drove it, then said, "What's that noise?"
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                            First thing I did was lift it. I was dead set on 33s and such because I LOVE to do trails and such......... so anyways... My first actual trip was out to TDS with the MJR crew. I had a blast and part of the weekend was spent browsing the shops and such at the vendor area. While doing that I picked up a few stickers and such, one of them includes the Detroit Locker Sticker.

                            So anyways, about a week or so ago we were just waiting around for the bell to for lunch and I'm talking to my buddy. My notebook is facedown on the desk with the big yellow Detroit Locker sticker on it. He taps me on the shoulder and asks me what it was. I simple tell him it's a part for my Jeep that improves traction. Next thing out of his mouth was for me to go to the office because I have violated the "Zero Tolerance" policy. Now normally this isn't that big of a deal. Normally I can talk my way out of situations like this. This was different, this was serious. Apparently my english teacher, along with a majority of the administration thought that the sticker "Detroit Locker" was a gang emblem representing the "Detroit Lockers." :confused: What the hell? Anyways, after a full day of argueing(and a lunch period spent in the office), they call in the vice principle that deals with the final decisions on the policy. She simple laughed, sent me on my way to work and validated my story with the rest of the faculty. Turns out, she drives a yellow Wrangler.

                            Now I'm trying to sell her my old 31" tires. :-D I thought it was a rather funny experience, the only loss was a missed lunch. :-(
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                              I had just got off a 7 month deplotment. My wife met me 8 months prgenant and had brought the jeep I told her to buy while I was on cruise. As soon as we got to the parking lot I told her, "Show me how to take the top down". Well we did and it was the sweetest drive ever. Not only cause I hadn't driven in 7 months but because it was in my new Jeep with the top down. I have been hooked ever since. Funny thing is the "wife", who is now the ex still asks to borrow the Jeep everytime I see her....
                              ...she's still asking.
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