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    Good Day,

    With warm heart i offer my friendship and greetings and i hope this mail meets you in good time. However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you,as we have not met personally or
    had any deallings in the past.I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit.I also sincerely seek your confidence, as i make this proposal to you as a person of integrity.

    First and foremost i wish to introduce myself properly to you.My name is Johnson Sawyerr,i was a Personal Assistant and was one of the officers recruiting Body Guards for President Charles
    Taylor of war torn Liberia in West Africa.As led by my instinct i selected your email address from an internet directory,in my search for partner,hence this mail.

    The international community is aware of the atrocities being committed by President Charles Taylor.Women and children are being maimed and killed.His atrocities also extend to Sierra Leone where he{President Taylor} has been indicted by war crimes tribunal.Many of us his Body guards could no longer stand these evils.When he was in Ghana for a peace meeting those of that are noy happy with the government tried to see if we could change the change the by a coup,but unfortunately we failed.The Vice-President was arrested for questioning and some us that where lucky escaped to Ivory Coast from where i came to Holland.

    The tension and confusion in Liberia is now too much and i am no longer safe and not much of this hold on to power interest me anymore and as there is now no sense of direction.I now
    desire a peaceful life,as i am no more interested in conflicts and war.I am even more happier now that President Bush of America has decided to come in for peaceful solution and President
    Charles Taylor has offered to step down.I am presently in Holland for political asylum.Nigeria has offer to grant President Taylor political asylum.

    I am sincerely proposing to you to render me your highly needed assistance in respect to safekeeping of some of my money that arose from Diamond and Timber sales.This money (US$18.5million), which was already on its way to Cabinet Minister Swiss Bank account,through the Diplomatic means we use to move money abroad, and was on transit with a private security company here in Amstedam,Holland.I had wanted to put it in the Minister's account because i dont have a foreign account.But since i have fallen out of favour with President Taylor and his Cabinet. I then instructed the security company for safe keeping of the consignment containing the money. pending further instructions from me.I have waited for sometime now for
    security reasons and have now decided to act with your reliable assistance.As a matter of fact,the reason i came to
    Holland and sought for political asylum here is the safe deposit.

    I do not know what will happen if President Taylor steps down and a new interim govern ment comes. They could tell the international commuinty to freeze former governmnet
    officials accounts.So i can not lodge the funds in my name.Also i did not declare the funds here.I plan to use this money to safeguard my future.It is very essential that you understand the kind of trust and confidence i want to put in you
    is extraordinary, and act of desperation on my part,in order not to lose this money.Also,ensure that this contact with you should be treated with utmost secrecy.

    Your role in this project,is clearing the safe deposit containning the money which is deposited in my name from the security company,after which,the money will be lodge into an account preferably a new account you should open for this transaction.My share of the money will be returned to me when my
    asylum application in this country is granted and have permission to do business and open anaccount here.

    For your reliable assistance,i will reward you with 15%($2,775,000) of the money.I have with me, the Certificate of Deposit for the consignment containing the funds,which will
    be use for claim from the security company,and the release codes of the vaults.Also everything will be legally processed for
    transfer of ownership to you,and this transaction should be completed immmediately depending on your prompt response.

    I thank you in advance as i anticipate your assistance in enabling me achieve this goal.Please contact me whethe or not you are interested in assisting me.This will enable me scout for another
    partner in the event of non-interest on your part.


    Johnson Sawyerr
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    Yeah, I've seen that before, it's a crock. Run far away.

    "in the end... the rocks always win."


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      <-- so easily amused.
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        Originally posted by sarah
        <-- so easily amused.
        Ya Savvy?

        Motech Performance