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Official "Rick & Sarah Kick Ass" Thread


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  • Official "Rick & Sarah Kick Ass" Thread

    Rick & Sarah hosted a BBQ/party yesterday for MJR Subscribers & Moderators... I must say it was a blast! I wanted to extend thanks to the hosts for all the food and preparation that went into this event. All the food tasted great ( I never tried deep-fried turkey before!) and hanging out with friends and putting names with faces is always a good time. Erin & I had to head home last night to take care of the dogs so we didn't go on the trail run today... but I'm sure we'll see some pics this evening!

    Thanks again Rick & Sarah and Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah to all MJR Mods, subscribers & members!

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    I wanted to say thanks also. But I didn't know that there was a trail run today!!! :sad: Oh well, kinda hard to go on a trail run when you have an infant.

    Thanks Gang for the great time last night. I also enjoyed meeting some of you last night. Good to put names to faces like Chuck said.

    I want to see the group photo up soon, PLEASE.
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      it sure was a great time! thank you to our wonderful admin. for throwing a really cool party.
      i too am sorry i missed the trail ri=un. hope you all had a good run. the food, and entertainment was kick ass! i'm ready for some more of that deep fried turkey

      95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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        Ditto to all of the above. Rick and Sarah you guys ROCK!!!

        Tom, sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye, I tried to raise you on the cb with no luck.

        see everybody soon. happy holidays.

        "in the end... the rocks always win."


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          It was a great time. Here's some pictures w/more to come. The gift exchange was a riot but why was Eric (nailer) opening so many? (I have photos)

          Gathering for the gruop shot

          This one

          A pleasure meeting everyone, putting names to faces as mentioned above and the kids made new friends too.

          Brian, I felt the same way but since our jobs are so closely related I think we'll be crossing paths soon. There's some future changes you might be interested in.

          Thanks for being (Rick & Sarah) and putting all this together,
          Tom aka: B&T TJ


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            Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, Rick and Sarah! Deborah and I had a lot of fun at the party meeting some of the folks we hadn't run into yet from the trail rides. We especially enjoyed meeting the family members of regular posters on the website.

            We had a great time with the gift exchange and we are so thankful that we didn't get the tow strap! <<Lucky David!>>

            Looking forward to seeing you all soon again!
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              It definitely looks like you guys had a great time. Wish I could of been there! Would have been good to meet most of you and see some of you guys again.

              Even though I wasnt there, Rick & Sarah, you guys kick ass!
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                Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm really sorry I missed the party. I would have been there, but have some serious issues going on with my girls and their mother. :confused:
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                  Sorry I missed it too, had to work. I would have loved to have met you guys in person. But a new year ahead and new trail runs we'll cross paths I'm sure.
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                  -Gen. George S. Patton Jr.


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                    It was a lot of fun meeting new faces. I look forward to wheeling with you guys in the future.

                    Rick and Sarah
                    Just wanted to say Thanks for everything, Putting on a great web site, for bring a Great bunch of people together, and for opening up your home for the Holiday Cheer. :thumbs_up :thumbs_up
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                      Really sorry I missed it, looks like it was a blast. Shoulda ditched the little lady and gone stag. Of course I probably woulda had to find a place to live for a few weeks after.
                      I'm a Daddy!!

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                        For those who couldn't make here's a little photo log and for those there just a reminder of the fun, and fun it was!

                        The Doorman, you had to go through him and show ID

                        The Thinker, 1+1 is 2, 2+2 is 4... 'this could go on for a while'

                        Just havin a good time. Turkey frying in the background

                        Yes we brought the kids

                        Of course there was FIRE! (tip your head to the left thing)

                        Next up, the gift exchange


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                          The Gift Exchange

                          "I get to go first"?

                          Honey we struck oil!

                          I always wanted one of these (gift 1 of)

                          Pretty much explains itself

                          eBay here we come

                          I always wanted one of these (HEY, wait a minute! gift 2of)

                          This is cool OBA

                          I hear something!

                          "I need a tow strap" 'like I need.a *#!!**...'

                          WOW! The uses are endless

                          Don't get too attached

                          Rick ended up with this gift

                          The foot steal, a new technic catching on. And you though you were safe

                          Payback, 'lemme see, do I want this'

                          This poor girl had every gift stole and ended up with a pair of gloves that didn't fit, (remember those headlines) but the salmon spread she made was great.

                          Well that was fun!
                          Look for the "After the Party" post in the trail ride, I'll post some pic's there

                          Cheers, B&T TJ


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                            Thank you to all moderators, subscribers, and friends for your kind words, your photos, and for being part of the site in our first big year. We couldn't have done it without you!

                            Glad everyone had a good time and looking forward to next year ...
                            :shades: &
                            :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                              Originally posted by Black & Tan TJ
                              The Gift Exchange

                              This is cool OBA

                              Cheers, B&T TJ

                              Actually, the heading for my picture should have been, "What the Hell is this?!" Afterall, I didn't know what was at first! My husband Tom (king4wd) was amazed that I got it. Now he can't wait to get OBA!
                              1993 Wrangler Black, 4" ProComp Lift, 33s.
                              Glad to be back in California!