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Installed a new toy!!!


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  • Installed a new toy!!!

    So i took advantage of the wonderful Friday off and installed a new toy on the Jeep...

    I had gotten sick and tired of my swaybar discos, easy to disco... an act of mind numbing frustration to reconnect...

    So I tool a look a Currie Antirock (AR), Teraflex S/T, and the SwayLOC.

    SwayLOC looked cool but for that price they can keep it (hint hint to the manufacturer)

    The S/T and AR were left... and I decided...

    After some research, the AR seemed the better way to go since the AR does something, it provides more stability in off camber situations, where as the S/T was just an easier disco system......

    On road the AR is very stable. Yes there is more roll than stock, and yes it is perceivable. However it is not bad at all. I went with the center hole because I wanted some on road stability since the kids ride with me quite a bit.

    Did a very quick bit of off-road testing in some rocks in a field about a mile from my house, and it flexes great!!! There is some argument out there about whether or nor the AR limits articulation.... if it does it is nothing you would feel from the drivers seat. In fact the counter force provided by the AR seemed to push both the low and the high wheel into the rock a bit more. Can't wait to test it out further....
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    When you said you put an AR on your Jeep, I thought you meant one of these:

    I'm running the Anti-Rock also and it is the greatest. I set it a bit looser on the second hole.
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      welcome to the other side.

      "in the end... the rocks always win."