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Another day at work


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  • Another day at work

    This dude was southbound PCH where it meets the 10 fwy in Santa Monica coming thru the tunnel and lost it and flipped. When I should up he was failing the field sobriety test. In the first pic the cars' upside down, it was one of those new ugly Scion's, the lil round one.

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    those cars don't seem to hold up so well
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      what is it with people buying these little econo-boxes, then (bone-stock, mind you) thinking they're a sports car? i could see it if some mods had been made, but that's pretty bad. those scions (is/was that a Tc?) are very narrow and tall too. we, as Jeep drivers, know how well that combination handles corners


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        looks like he may be able to salvage one of the windshield wipers... not that there'll be any driving any time soon. :beer: :oops:

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          The TC is the one that is low to the ground, and wider than the other 2. My fiance works for the Toyota Corp. she said that the guy had to be going pretty damn fast to do that kind of damage. The goofy looking one that is tall and thin is the Xb. It looks like a little box, on 4 wheels. The problem with the wheels are they are about the size of the doughnut tires for a civic. Either way the most expencive one cost about 15000 here in IL so they are not the best build cars in the world either. Toyota made them to compete with the civic and accord. They are way too lite for the speeds at which people try to reach. Case in point put Drunk Dumb-ass + Speed + Lite car = picture below. Thank you for your time and that is all.