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  • Trail Ready? (not rated)

    Was wondering how long it took people to get there rigs trail ready. Now I know this is very subjective but I think there came a point when you looked at your rig and said "I am ready".

    I have had my TJ since Nov and have managed to put on some okay tires, some armor and some gadgets inside but still do not feel trail ready.
    This is what I got:

    Warn rock crawler bumpers front and rear
    Warn rocker guards
    Warn D30 diff cover
    Warn Steering box cover
    Rear corner guards

    I think getting stuck in that sand pit from hell has really made me second guess everything.

    Any suggestions on what to do next?

    I do have a Dana 44 rear and a Dana 30 HP (not sure if I am going to use it or not but it was free) that I am slowly building up but they are going to take a while before they are ready to swap in. So far I have my ARB Air Compressor and ARB Locker for the 44 but still need gears, shafts.



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    I knew I was ready after I lifted and put my 33's on. I can go so many more places now than before, and that's without being locked. Also if you air down you have a better chance in the sand.
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      I had my tires air down

      Long story short, I went over a small hill before try the larger one. Could not make it up the large hill so start down in reverse. Got stuck in the gully (not sure if thats the right word) of the small hill. Before I knew what had happened, on rear tire was just kicking out sand and one front was just spinning in the air. A prime example of how open diffs work. Wish I would have had a camera on me.

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        Sand. Just not fun, as far as Im concerned.

        My Jeep was trail ready after adding rock gaurds and getting 31' far as I was concerned. I ran John Bull that way, no lift.

        Shes more trail ready now, with 33's and 3 1/2" of lift...and shell be even more trail ready when I get my 4:56's installed with ARBs.

        so umm yeah. Its VERY subjective.
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          I think you are more than ready. I just went and did John Bull and holcomb valley on 33's and open diffs.

          Got stuck one. The key is to go with other people. There was a guy with us with no lift, no lockers, he might have had 31's, he went through, he got stuck twice, but we al helped out and got hom out. Goodtimes for sure... Granted the trail is pretty easy right now. But I still got through!!!!!!

          I have a long shopping list and if I wait to get everything, I probably will never go out.....

          One thing I dont have that I now think is super important is Body Protection, Diff Covers, Skids, etc. That and On Board Air are first on the list for me.
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            Rocker guards, 31's, and friends with Jeeps is all it takes to make it trail ready. The real question is which trails.
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              Sounds like I just need a good swift kick and get out and do some wheelin.

              DesertYJ and I are suppose to get together and hit some trails soon, I'll let you'll know how it goes. I might even bring a camera

              Thanks All

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                armor & recovery points = trail ready. anyone that says otherwise is trying to sell you something

                the catch to being more modified, lifted higher, lockers, etc., is that when (not if) you get stuck, it'll just be much harder to pull you out


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                  I was ready to hit the trails as soon as I got the keys (but I had to wait until the next morning). I had less than 200 miles on my '03 when I aired down the tires and hit the trails.

                  Of course, I didn't immediatly run out and hit the rubicon with it.....I waited about 9 months (and a couple hundred $$$ worth of skid plates) before I did that.

                  So, yea. What everyone else said....highly subjective.
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                    Originally posted by cbremer
                    is that when (not if) you get stuck, it'll just be much harder to pull you out

                    I dont think I'll ever be trail ready
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                      The best thing you can do is wheel your arse off at every opportunity, that way you will know...

                      Each time you go out you will learn more about the limitations of both Jeep and driver. The first trail I did in my rig was John Bull sight unseen. We had no idea what we were in for. Drove it on 32s behind a Mercedes 540G with no rocker guards... That was a very interesting ride. I have never heard a woman yell so loud as when an $85k rocker panel goes *crunch*. We made it without a problem, even with stock steps intact. When you try to wheel something harder than your rig is "ready" for by most of our standards, you just learn more creative lines to get you through without hanging up... Or, as the owner of that G found out, sheet metal does give pretty easily...
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                        Pretty much know I'm ready the morning I leave home.

                        Ricks right, get out and wheel, it will become apparent whats next on your list.

                        Sully and I did Miller last year on a stock 82 CJ, a week after we got it. Horrible tires( never aired down- no disconect) they were flingin chunks of rubber off, they were so old.

                        We also went alone, not a good idea. Actually a bad idea but we got through it and had a blast. His CJ just did the Rubicon with minor fixes along the way.

                        Dont be afraid to show up for a day trip with what youve got, take suggestions and build from there.

                        Bring a tow strap and be sure there are rated hooks front and rear, dont worry about a winch yet.


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                          We bought our 98 TJ in Oct of 97 and went wheeling in May 1998 up to Big Bear for the Jeep Jamboree and it was stock the only thing we added before going was our tow hooks. Now "Marvin" has 4.56s, 33s tires, and a 4 in lift and a ez locker in the rear.

                          And still haven't tested it after the lift!!!
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                            My wife said that once I get my Jeep trail ready. I'll want to buy a new one and start all over again. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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                              Your Jeep was trail ready the day you picked it up. Not necessarily ready for any trail, but trail ready indeed.

                              The best thing you can do is wheel it, and with folks that have been doing it for awhile. Then you can see what they've done with their rigs and check out the results. It's also advisable to ride along with someone on some really difficult stuff to see if your into it and if that's where you want to take your rig. From there you can plan your build-up accordingly.

                              see ya on the trails. :yay:

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