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My Mommy's Jeep is better then your Daddy's Hummer...


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  • My Mommy's Jeep is better then your Daddy's Hummer...

    My daughter emailed this to her friend:

    "jeeps are WAY better than hummers. if i have to write a persuasive essay, i
    will. but i only will if i have to... see in order to go off roading, you need
    rocks, and when you almost run into a boulder, you are supposed to go over it
    instead of around it. we go through water and get dirty too. And off roading it
    means that there is nowhere you can go when your jeep breaks an axle or when
    you pop a tire. and almost all of these pictures, a hummer would be afraid to
    do. it would be afraid to break it chrome rocker gaurds, wait hummers dont get
    close enough to rocks to need rocker gaurds. well, as we say it.. Chrome dont
    get you home! isnt off roading fun!!

    sorry if i made your hummer feel bad


    Her friend replied that she was just being mean...she replied with this:

    "i looked through all of the pictures and and a hummer wouldnt do any of those
    things. all of those things are really hard and some arent even sopposed to be
    driven on, and the forest pictures are on the rubicon trail, it supposed to be
    one of the hardest trails and when my mom was there (i didnt go) she said that
    there was no hummers at all. you and youre dad can come and we'll will make
    sure to go on an easy trail so youre dad doesnt get stuck. but he probaly will
    anyway. but we will make sure that we get him out. yeah... it'll be funny to
    see youre dad go through what we go through. he would keep on getting stuck and
    get a whole lot of body damage. and youre dad would be mad because he just
    screwed up his 80 thousand dollar peice of metal.

    im sorry that i sound like im being mean, i mean a hummer is a pretty cool car
    to have but i just think a jeep is better at off roading. a hummer has a WAY
    better sound system and it is WAY more comfortable. so im sorry if im
    disrespecting the car that you like. so go off and do what you do with it, and
    we will go off and do what we do with ours.



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    LOL!! She has learned well!
    B R E T T
    87 XJ 3" lift, 31s-thats all thats worth mentioning


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      sounds like she had some help from mom


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        she wrote that all by herself...I was a bit suprised. I honestly didnt realize that she shared my interest and addiction

        2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
        Rock-ItMan all the way around


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          nice post.

          "in the end... the rocks always win."


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            i like the honesty... very cute!
            one happy jeep lovin' kid


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              Sounds like my granddaughter (Tabatha, 10 going on 17 - we have custody of her) talking to her friends about what they'll drive to High School.

              Her friend wants a "lifted F-250 or 350, with big tires" Tabatha told her SHE'S driving Grandpa's Jeep, because she want's to be able to "actually go somewhere without getting stuck"

              But she offered to winch them out "when they do"

              Gotta review that kids allowance, I think an adjustment is in order....
              You're just upset because the voices in my head only talk to ME!


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                wow! that is pretty much to the point atta girl! very well done christina.

                95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                  yay! more forum members that way!! LOL
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                    Way to go Christina!!! Now if only Megan was that way!!!
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                    Glad to be back in California!


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                      You go Girl....who wants an 80k piece of metal anyway. Especially with the cost of steel these days. Shhheez.
                      Girls mall cruisin Jeep on 37's with a few extra parts I fould laying around the garage.


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                        Just saying it how it is.