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    My friend's friend got his doors stolen off his jeep.He reported it to the cops and they said that 8 other jeeps doors were ripped off in his area(near Hermosa Beach, CA).All of the doors were full.Just be aware and watch out for these thiefs!

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    That sucks..........I've been considering getting outside locks for my doors.
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      Thats a bummer man! I'm not too far away from Hermosa. I've always wondered if anybody has had theirs doors stolen . . . I guess that answers that:mad:
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        just take the doors off for the summer and put them in the garage
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          The sad part is they are easy for the crooks to get, and even easier to sell.

          I had a buddy who got his stolen about a year ago and shortly after they were gone he found them at our local junkyard of all places. He went there looking to find replacement doors only to find his there for sale. All the identification markings had been removed, but he was 100% sure the doors were his. Plenty of identifying marks on the doors that made the ID of them easy for him.

          The junkyard didn't have any paperwork on the guy who sold them the doors i guess it was a cash deal or something. My buddy notified the cops, but there wasn't much they could do for him either. He ended up buying his origional doors back from the junkyard and not getting his insurance company involved.

          Sad when you have to pay to get your stolen doors back and the cops can't do anything for you.
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            maybe it was the dude at the junkyard!!
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              that is so lame, POS's
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