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1990 wrangler, good buy?


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  • 1990 wrangler, good buy?

    i have been 4 wheeling for two years or so with firend and their rigs (im lame and dont have one of my own yet) and have been looking heavily at jeeps. so i was posting this to get some input from other people
    i found this 1990 wrangler SE for $8500 it has minor body damage from wheeling the rubicon and mohab dented fender and rear corner. so here is the rap sheet:
    and here are the specs
    Engine: stroked 4.7L professionaly built, 4.0 block and head out of a 98' with 8K miles on it, mild head porting, performance cam, new radiator.
    Tranny: 95' AX-15 5 speed with 35k +/- miles, NP231 part time transfer case, R.E. Slip Yolk eliminator.
    Suspension: spring over conversion, 3.5" BDS springs, shackle reverse, 3/4 eliptical rear, anti-wrap bar, custom drive lines, Doetsch Tech shocks.
    Rollers: 37" Goodyear MTRs on five spokes.
    Front End: high-pinion dana 44 narrowed to 64" wide, 4.10:1 open gearing, flat top knuckles, cross over steering, 3/4 ton tie rod ends, Warn premium hubs.
    Rear End: narrowed dana 60, 35 spline Dutchman axles, spool, disc brakes.
    Other Mods: on-board air with tanks, custom bumpers (front is an air tank), custom tire carrier, 1/4" rocker guards, Warn 6000 lb. winch, dual orbital batteries, rock lights.
    so i was wondering if people think this would be a good buy jeep pics at the bottom
    those arent scratches and dents those are accent marks...

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    Sounds like one hell of a Jeep. You can get in alot of trouble with that thing!
    Ya Savvy?

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      LOOKS AND SOUNDS LIKE A MIGHTY NICE RIG the gears sound a bit high though... 4.10 with an ax15? i run 4.88 on mine... maybe the engine being stroked makes up for it... but i wouldnt think so.
      otherwise... sounds like a BEAST!

      95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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        Sounds like a real nice jeep for the price.


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          Not bad if it is running ok. If it has serious mechanical problems, I would stay away from it. Have a professional mechanic look it over. It may cost $100 - $200 but it is small compared to the $8,000 you are spending. If you are an AAA member, they may have referrals or offer an inspection service. Worst case, you can always take it to a local Jeep dealer. If the seller tries to talk you out of having it checked out, I will stay away from that no matter what price.

          Other than that, it looks like a lot of Jeep for the money.


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            I think its pretty well bulit and has no mechanical problems other that its carburated and will probably stall on steep inclines . his roommate has a Yj like it (the white on in the pics). And yeah thank god i am a AAA memeber
            those arent scratches and dents those are accent marks...


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              The staling on the hills isnt a big deal.Ive only done it once.You will learn how to avoid it.


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                I've got the same tranny and transfercase and am running 4.56 gears on 33s. off road, it's just o.k., I'd say 4.10s on 37s would be pushin' it. toooo much tire for the gearing imho.

                "in the end... the rocks always win."