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the sadest picture I've taken...


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  • the sadest picture I've taken...

    Let me preface this and say I've hunted since I was 12. I'm absolutely pro-gun. I am also positively anti-waste.

    During hunting season this year (in Wisconsin), while searching for a bear den that I thought would be interesting to Sarah, I came across something I couldn't help but photograph.

    A yearling Doe that was shot by a hunter who didn't take the time to look, or couldn't find it, or didn't want it.

    Whatever the reason, I detest this.

    I can't express the feelings I had when I came across her, I hesitated for months to post this, but I must...

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    Not only was a single animal wasted but she was just coming into her reproductive life. How many fawns would she have had?

    It hurts the rest of the hunting community when this happens. This is as bad a poaching.

    You're right Brian, sad. But even more so, infuriating.


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      While even though the animal was shot I doubt it was wasted - now a food source to some other animals in a time when food is hard to come by - don't get me wrong, I don't even hunt or kill animals but it is not really wasted.
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        If you look at history and the evolution of the planet there are cycles for everything.

        There was a time for fire and a time for ice
        there was a time for large creatures and plants - dragonflys the size of large birds, dinosaurs 40 feet high etc.
        they have all gone.

        there were ice ages and tropical forests that are now all gone.

        these california deserts were once seas - now all gone

        there was a time for animals that are all now extinct and there are new animals around - we lose 100's of species every day.

        the rain forests are being depleted, the open land built over and the animals being killed or die off because of the land being over taken by humans.

        everything goes in cycles - now it is the cycle of man - we will come to pass one day and there will be something else in our place - all just part of the cycles of earth.

        look at the old volcanic era - the land and creatures were all killed by huge blasts - metorites hit the earth and wiped out whole species and races - lots of peoples have come and gone and there are no traces or very few left of them.

        We are just part of the pattern and so was that deer.
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          i agree with cetrov on this. it is indeed a very disturbing sight, and from a hunters standpoint, this is a bad thing to see happen. it DOES happen, though when you dont get that perfect shot, or an amateur shoots an animal from too far with an under powered gun, and the thing can run for miles before it dies.
          i am by no means trying to justify leaving a wounded animal, but... it does happen.
          something WILL eat this deer when it thaws.
          now, on the other hand, if the sonofabitch shot this deer for shits and giggles, they ought to have their eyes cut out from their sockets.

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            "Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms..."

            -Josey Wales-

            The hunter may have shot it and not have been able to find it (wounded deer can be awefully good at hiding; it's part of their instict). I'm not saying that shooting an animal and not recovering it is right, but I find nothing to get enraged about (just for the record: every animal that has ever been in my sights, has found it's way to my plate; and there have been plenty of them! Without exception). More people are killed each year in stupid acts of needless violence, than there are deer shot and left in the woods. Don't even get me started on the number of human infants that are murdered in the "safety" of their mother's wombs each year in the name of "freedom of choice". Maybe you should direct your anger towards that...
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