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Disco's on a CJ


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  • Disco's on a CJ

    Well,I took a good look under the jeep today and was looking at the sway bars in the front.I am trying to think of a good way to make some.But the sway bars are TOTALLY different compared to the TJ.
    Does anyone know if quadratech or any other places have them?

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    I would look for a set that have a single pin to pull... the set I have on my CJ are basically a piece of heavy wall pipe connecting the end on the sway bar to the end on the axle. So you end up having 4 pins to pull, and more importantly (and difficulty) 4 pins to try to get back in there when connecting. I believe they are Con-Ferr's. Not the best design. There are many places that sell CJ discos, just look around on the net. I doubt it would be worth the $ to try to make em, unless you are pretty decent with a welder and can fab together the stock link ends with some pipe or something. I guess it depends on how much time you have on your hands...

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      Get some JKS quick disco's.. I just picked some up for my TJ form Northridge4x4 for a 118 shipped. I believe the CJ's one's are around 75 though..