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YJ front suspension work


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  • YJ front suspension work

    I'm swapping from my bumper and tow bar set up to some tow shackles to get a better angle with flat towing. I put some slick rock hangers on to replace the stock crap and put on the tow shackles with some custom packs I'd built.
    I used the top 2 leafs (miltary wrap) from an old pair of National 4" leafs and the bottom 3 from a practically new front YJ pack, and the results were about 2.5" of lift and 2-3" longer then stock.
    I had to modify the rear spring hanger to fix this, but don't mind the little better clearance, or the loss of 1" of suspension lift I got by doing it.
    pictures here
    I got your jeep thing, now it burns when I pee

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    looks like a fun job.. it looks like you are s.o.a. on your jeep, let us know how your combination of springs holds up to the torment .
    what did you do to your steering to make it work with your s.o.a. lift?

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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      I'm half SOA. For steering all I did was use a dropped pitman arm.
      As for the springs... stay tuned I guess
      I got your jeep thing, now it burns when I pee