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Need help from experienced Jeepers


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  • Need help from experienced Jeepers

    I have a ton of questions. I have a 95 wrangler stock. It is no longer my primary vehicle, so I am ready to make some changes. I don't want to get extreme. It has a 4 banger, which I want to keep it that way. I also don't want to get into extending driveshafts etc.... Questions.
    1. What height and brand suspension should I get where I will not have to make a bunch of alterations? How high can I go?
    2. What size tires/wheels should I get without putting too much stress on the old four banger?
    3. What small bolt on things can I do to better the performance of the 4 cyl?

    ANY help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    What do you plan on doing with it? ... is it for offroad, or just for show? ... how much can you spend?
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      1. 2" - 2 1/2" with transfer case drop to avoid driveline vibrations. Or just put a body lift on it (or not), buy some 31's and go wheelin.

      2. What gearing do you have? I'm assuming the 4 banger came with 4.10s? I would keep it to 31's or 32's max unless you plan on regearing.

      3. 4.0L throttle body. Forget all the $100 doodads. They add up to less hp than just swapping the tbody. I have bought several tbodies on ebay for less than $10.

      The most important choice to make up front is the largest size tire you plan on running. That basically determines how much needs to be done.
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        It will be for off road, but not extreme like mtns. I live in southern Indiana, so its not that extreme. I still plan on driving it on the street too.
        About 3 grand or so.
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          Thanks Rick. Yeah I thought anything over 4 inches would get me into to many changes. It seems to me with a Jeep being too tall could be bad. So 2 1/2 suspension lift with 32's and tbody. What lifts do you recommend?