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ORO U-turn Steering On ... Clearance Problem fixed


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  • ORO U-turn Steering On ... Clearance Problem fixed

    I just got done installing the Offroad Only U-turn crossover kit on my 03 Rubicon. Their instructions were pretty good. The probelm I had was that the inside edge of my wheel on the passenger side would rub against the u-turn bracket. Mostly, the balancing weights were the ones making contact but clearance is very tight there.

    I have 15x8 Unique (292 I think) wheels with 12 mm offset. The tires are 35x12.8 Goodyear MTRs.

    First off, here is the before and after:

    (click for bigger)

    Here is where the contact was:

    (click for bigger)

    I busted out the grinder and made that notch on the bracket:

    (click for bigger)

    And here is the pic after grinding and painting with the wheel back on:

    (click for bigger)

    So far so good. Went for a quick test drive and looks like everything is in order. I'll have to get an alignment but looks like my eyeballing toe adjustment ain't too bad

    Probably the hardest part of the whole thing, other than figuring out how to deal with this problem was getting the old pitman arm off. I have the 6" full traction long arm lift so that's why there was a drop pitman arm on there (went back to stock). I didn't have a pitman arm puller so I tried to force it ... let's just say after several hours I now have a pitman arm puller 8)
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    03 Rubicon, 6" FT long arms, 35x12.5 MTRs
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    Looks good Seapahn, I'd go get your tires rebalanced and tell them to use the weights they stick to the inside of the wheel.

    "in the end... the rocks always win."