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best lift size for 35's


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  • best lift size for 35's

    Want to put bigger tires on my JK and I'm planning to get Discoverer STT Pro in 315/70/17 (35's). What's the minimum lift in order to fit these Cooper tires? I'm thinking of a 3.5inch though I'm still open to other suggestions.

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    I'm running a 2 1/2" pro comp lift on the JKU with stock Sahara wheels and 255/70-18 tires. Given the 32" size and that 35's would only be 1 1/2" farther from the axle center, I'd feel totally comfortable running 35's on the 2 1/2". Just make sure the backspacing allows the top of the tire to clear the frame at full stuff.
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      Thanks for the info. I'm decided to get a 2.5" lift since I have no plan on getting tires bigger than 35's.


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        I run 35s on my 2008 Rubicon two door. I did the 1 3/4 Daystar lift and 1 1/2 wheel spacers. Have to also trim the inside of the rear wheel well. The rear tire will still rub a little on full flex. Did not have to get new shocks.


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          Originally posted by chad1 View Post
          ...since I have no plan on getting tires bigger than 35's.
          you say that now.
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            Cooper tires are an amazing tire brand, overall. The quality is top-notch as well. If you want to buy spares for an affordable price, I can point you towards 4WheelOnline. Many great deals on that website.