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  • Siping

    Has anyone tried siping their tires for working the boulders?

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    Is that where you make the small cuts in the tires?
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      Yes,You can have your tires siped at any depth, intervals or width.


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        mrblaine is the only member on this board that I know has done it. I guess it works great but I don't know that much about it. You might want to try and pm him, send a link to this thread, maybe he'll respond.

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          i have thought about this as well.... it is said to also improve tire wear. i guess it disipates heat better on the road, and gives more traction on the rocks.

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            I have my MT/R's siped. You can get it done at America's tire. It runs about $10-12 per tire. It can be done on new or used tires down to 5/32. Only takes a few minutes per tire.

            I like the way it works. I have a couple of spots that have chunked a bit from spinning them on the rocks. But not enough to worry about.

            On the street the sipes help the tire run cooler so in theory the tire will last a bit longer.

            On a mud tire they only will do the center lugs. The side lugs would chunk bad if they were siped.


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              I had several sets of tires siped (Discount/America's Tire, Les Schwab both do it), inner lugs only, and have had great luck.


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                I read an article in some off road Mag, Or it could have even been JP mag, But they were saying nothing but good things about it. Everything you guys have been saying they brought up in the article. I will definatly get my next set of tires siped.
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                  Thanks for the info