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  • RE longarm

    I bought a RE 4 1/2 longarm kit as my next project.
    Has anyone installed this kit? Any tips, problems, dont do's? I'm wondering about exhaust problems.

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    Take your time drilling the 1" holes and drilling out the 1" holes. If you are doing the SYE too, you can do it mounted. You will need to replace the exhaust from the cat back, factory exhaust will interfere with the movement of the rear arms. Cutting off the control arm mounts can be a pain. Also centering the rear can be a pain. I used string same length and a heavy bolt-1 on the swaybar link point at the axle and 1 on the frame (each side) and measuresd the distance between the string to get center. Take your time. Measure and remeasure, check and double check everything. They give you lengths for the arms, but I put up the crossmember prior to removing the arms and measured arm length start with the one recomended and look at the 1 you measured . do not install the drop pitman unless it it needed to, I didn't for mine and it is fine without it .
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      If you haven't already started....
      Do some searches, there are some really good write up's. The kit instructions kinda...well...leave something to be desired!

      Once you get the center section mounted, take measurements from the LCA bolt holes in the belly cross member to the axle mount points of the LCA's....before you remove the stock control arms. WRITE DOWN THESE MEASUREMENTS AND KEEP EM! That way, you always have a starting point in case you make changes etc and you want to go back to where everything was originally...your "start point"

      Once you remove the stock control arms and remove the stock mounts...these reference points are gone forever... :confused:

      To remove the mounts, I found it best to cut along the weld bead to remove the stock mounts. Cut into the bead a bit with a grinder, then grab with a vice-grip or large plyer and bend it back and forth.

      I rented a plasm cutter thinking this was the way to go, but it left so much material to grind off the frame, it didn't save any time or effort. I didn't want to plasma cut the frame, so you cant get close to the welds w/ the plasma least in my experience.

      You might want to check Ron's site. He has taken the time to include a good write up. Its for a rubicon, but that shouldn't matter much (the only bid difference is the short short driveshaft/ high angle on the rubicon). short arm long arm

      Enjoy! Wrenching is half the fun...have a good time with it!
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        not sure if you have a preffered exhaust shop but Morris Muffler in Burbank has done a bunch of this kind of work. good luck with the lift.

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          Sorry to hijack this thread but I wanted to say hi to Ned. This is Jason from the X club. Saw pics of you rig over there. Impressive. Look forward to getting out with MJR sometime soon.

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            Hey Jason!

            Yeah, the Xterra was nice...especially in terms of space. But if you really like to wheel, the X just isn't gonna cut it.

            Welcome to the dark side!

            I too look forward to wheelin' with MJR!



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              SCCX is heading to Calico this weekend. You should join us. We miss hanging with you.

              The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed!!!!