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anyone know of a recall?


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  • anyone know of a recall?

    I have been wondering the last few days if I have a lead foot. I notice that the gas gauge seems to go excessively fast. I read on another forum that the 97's have a problem with the fuel gauge not reading correctly. I have noticed when I fill up, It doesnt read full, only 3/4. I have searched but I can't find any evidence of a recall (As i have seen numerous reports of this). Does anyone own a 97 , and have there been a recall?
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    ha! i thought you were talking about another governors recall election! lol..
    i am not aware of a recall on your jeep.... sorrty. i think there is a web site that lists the recalls... maybe someone else will know.

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      There was a recall back in the late 90s for a gas gauge related issue. I think it was more for the 1/4 tank and lower accuracy than anything else. FYI-I have learned recently that flat bottom skids will adversely effect your gauge readings as well.

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        Don't know of a recall, but the gas guage in our '98 is crap. Sometimes it reads correctly, sometimes it hangs up at 1/4 until you run dry. You can ask king4wd2 about that
        We did have the gas cap fail though. It lost its ability to seal and caused the "check engine" light to come on.:confused: Apparently all emissions related junk lights the engine light when it fails.
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