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Optima battery for a '90 Wrangler


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  • Optima battery for a '90 Wrangler

    My Jeep has a piece of "channel" at the left sisde of the battery box. Does Optima make a battery that fits or do I remove the channel.Also, what type of Optima battery would be best???

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    not sure about the YJ thing, but Red... if you've gotta have an optima.

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      Why Red? I'm not arguing, but my Red died after about a year and my 2 Yellows are still going strong. Inquiring minds want to know. We need to put a Red or a yellow in the CJ today and I cant really decide either. Ohh and hurry up with an answer cause I'm waiting for sears to open!


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        Come on WAKE UP. I'll miss my first football game!


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          i'm sure you have no problem buying the good stuff... with that in mind, the odyssey batteries are the big ticket. i think the model is 1200, or 1700 if you want only one battery.


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            Odyssey has got good stuff. Optima is the most well known ... the Red Top is a basic starting battery. The yellow top is a deep cycle which means you can drain it and recharge it and it'll work just fine. If you plan on winching, go with the yellow. If you just want a good starting battery with a lot of CCA, then the red will do the trick at a lower cost than the yellow. The one downside of yellow in my experience is that it doesn't hold charge too well if the vehicle sits for a long time (weeks).

            If you think you may run a dual battery setup at some point, get a yellow top as the main one and get a small Odyssey (even a 680 will do) as the backup starting battery.

            As far as the "channel", not sure what you mean but on my blazer, the bottom of the yellow top fits into this "channel" that is used to tie it down. On the TJ, there's a clamp that is bolted on top of the battery.
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              I killed a single yellow in 2 years. multiple battery setups are a different story, but if your gonna have one battery and it's gotta be an optima, I'd go Red.

              If your gonna go single battery and it doesn't have to be an optima... get an oddessy as Erik suggested.

              "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                Thanks guys...........helpful info!!