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Airbag question, and a few snow pics...


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  • Airbag question, and a few snow pics...

    Hi jeepers...

    I have an bone stock '04 Rubicon that did not come equipped with a factory passenger airbag shut off switch. I also have two kids, 4.5 and 7, and there are times when I would like to have one of them ride in the front seat, but can't because of the airbag.

    I'm wondering if the Rubicons are prewired for the switch. The other Wrangler models have the switches, and it seems like they would use the same wiring harness. I can buy the factory switch with wire pigtail, and switch cover, from an online wrecking yard. The switch pigtail plugs into the jeep's harness somewhere, but I don't know if my jeep has the plug already in the harness or not, and not sure where to look for it. The pigtail on the switch looks like it is long enough to reach up under the dash. I've asked the dealer this question, and they won't touch it with a ten foot pole for liability reasons. They just shrug thier shoulders and play dumb, which I think the pretty much are...

    Anyone here have the switch in a Rubicon? Is the switch in the blank on the dash next to the locker switch, or in front of the shifter on the floor console where the coin tray is?

    If I can't get the switch installed, I'm wondering about pulling the fuses which are clearly marked "airbag" in the fuse panel. There are two of them, and wondering if the right had fuse is for the passenger airbag...

    And some pics, playing in the snow... Taken in 4th of July Creek, near Stanley, Idaho. The snow was 24 inches deep, we were packing about 6 inches under the tires, pushing through the rest uphill most of the way. We went 2 miles farther up the road than anyone else, breaking trail. Could have gone farther but decided to turn around when we got to a steep uphill section of the road with switchbacks.

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    Messing with your Air Bags is highly illegal. You can apply to have a cutoff switch installed, I believe you have to do it thru DOT. I would call your local DMV and go from there.

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      I've tried that route too, filled out the paperwork, and never got a reply and no one is willing to find out why...



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        Nice pics! I'm with Nagal. Be careful about home wiring of the airbag harness. Only thing I can suggest is getting a wiring diagram from a local auto shop if you can and see where it connects.
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          cool pics (or is that cold ).

          sorry, I've got nothing to add to your air bag problem.

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            Try a different dealer, if possible. I know out 2002 has a switch for the pass. bag. :dunno:
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              It may be a state by state thing, a friend w/2003 Sahara that did not come with a bypass/off switch was able to have one installed but first had to have some kind of inspection from what I remember.

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                Airbag switch installed

                Switch on

                :shout: Honey get in the Jeep

                Switch Off

                :shout: Honey get out

                Oops :oops: did I say that out loud.
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                  Well, my solution involves a 15 MPH crash with your jeep into the back of a 77 ford vandura, setting off both airbags. I fixed the jeep myself (05 rubicon /unlimited) including the 2 airbags.(there's somthing about holding those units in your hand while attaching wires to them that get you holding your breath) Passenger airbag has a dual pole conector attached to the lower left side of the airbag holder. The "hinge" to the passenger side to the airbag door is just above the "grab bar handle" which you must peal up with some force (normaly done by an exploding airbag) but not to worry the door can be closed by forcing it down again. Couple of bolts hold the airbag assembly into the frame and out she comes with enough of a service loop so as not to rip the wires loose by accident. You have 2 choices of how to disconect and both are obvious with the aibag in your lap. Or you can install your own bybass switch.
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                    Can you not just pull the fuse to the airbag?
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                      Well not that its a Jeep... but in my Civic I just pulled the fuses for the airbags, then disconnected the plugs from the bags. I'm not a fan of airbags, not only do they explode with a shit-load of force and anyone under 5'10" has a serious chance of getting hurt (not that an accident is any better, but fender benders can cause them to go off to...) ... but the crap inside that fills the bags is poisonous... says right on the exploding disc...."DUST IS POISONOUS DO NOT INHALE" or whatever they called it... its been a while since I read it.

                      I would say pull the fuses for now. I have never had a bag blow on me while woking with them and I have pulled them numerous times while working on the car, but just to be safe dont be sitting directly in front of them when you do pull the fuses...
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