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  • shock question

    I have a 2005 Unlimited Rubicon Sahara. I am not sure how the stock shocks compare to some aftermarket ones.

    Two questions:

    1. What would be a good shock for 80 percent street and 20 percent off road?

    2. A good steering stabilizer shock...

    or do I just stick with the stock ones.

    Thank you

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    Thats a very hard question to answer... mostly because it comes down to personal preference. I have read great things about all shock brands. My suggestion is to meet with others at a trail ride or get together, and see what they use, and take a ride if they don't mind.

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      I have the 9 way adjustable Rancho 9000's. They've served me pretty well, even when my Jeep was a daily driver. They do however come with a pretty price tag. Ive heard good things about the 5000's too.


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        If your suspension is still stock, Chris has some bilstiens that might work well for you. :yay:

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          5000s suck. Don't waste your money. Sarah might have some Bilsteins for sale also... If I ever get to working on the TJ that is...
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            rancho 5000's are stiff, i think thet are similar to the pro comps just with a different sticker, i had the RS9000's and i hated them, when i checked the part number they were listed for a suburban, no wonder they were overly stiff. i really like my dotesch 3000's and at $32 a pop you cant beat that

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