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4 vs 6 cyl(i searched already)


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  • 4 vs 6 cyl(i searched already)

    ok i'm finally gonna be able to start seriously lookin for a jeep and i need some info. i'm gonna get a TJ for sure but thats about as far as it goes. the main questions are whether to get a 4 or 6 cyl and manual or auto. it's going to be daily driven, most highway, no serious off roading, very little towing(maybe a 4 wheeler or motorcycle at most). i know the 6 will have more power but will it be worth it for me? whats the difference in gas mileage in the 4 and 6? is it even enough to worry about? also what about the tranny? i'm leanin toward manual but wife is pushin me for auto so she can drive it some. my real concern is the auto a good transmission as far as dependablilty and durablity? any other things i should consider? any help is appreciated.

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    If freeway driving. you want the six. Tito had a nice 4 banger with a Klune underdrive and it kicked butt in the rocks but it was undriveable on the freeway as it had no go. Of course, part of it may have been the 35" rolling stock but it took him a LOOOONG time to get to sixty.

    If towing, I'd suggest the Unlimited as the longer wheelbase might make it more amenable to pulling rather than being pushed. Make sure you have brakes and a controller whatever you tow.

    Forget about gas mileage. It's a Jeep not a Prius.

    I like the slushbox for off-roading especially when going up an obstacle. I find that it does kind of get away from me when going downhill even when locked in 1st gear. As far as durability goes, who knows. I got the new tranny in 2003 and it seems like it is holding together. I'll have to get a tranny temp gauge and maybe a cooler depending on what the dial shows. I'm not expecting my auto transmission to last forever.

    As far as the Missus not driving standard, that's not a big obstacle. Just get her behind the wheel and teach her. I taught my Old Lady to drive stick at a 4 wheel park in Bonaire in a rented Toyota RAV4. Lots of fun and memories for a lifetime. Now she's honing her skills at the helm of a Ram 3500. Women seem to pick it up pretty quick as long as the men aren't breathing down their necks. Driving a stick off-road isn't something I'm too familiar with, but I am sure you will get some answers here.

    Good luck on your purchase!
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      on a completely serious note.... go ahead and get an automatic version and I'll more then willingly straight trade my manual trans and all needed parts for your auto tranny and such.

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        boy are you posting this question on every forum out there or what?
        daily driver, get a 6
        censored for having an opinion


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          thanks for the info and yes i posted the same thing on a couple other forum, i like as many opinions as i can get


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            Now that the TJ has the 2.4 dual ohc motor in it the differences between the 4 and 6 are less than they ever have been, the 4 cyl finally has better gas mileage. that being said, if you're looking for a daily driver I think you'd be dissapointed on the freeway and towing. I've always had a liking for Jeep 4 cylinders off road, light weight, better weight distribution, good rev range. I love my 4 banger but it took a lot of cash to get it to where it is now
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              I was just talking towing with the Mopar performance parts guy the other day. Wranglers are limited to 1500lbs due to their short wheelbase. And while the 4 shares the same rating as the 6 you'll need a tailwind to tow more than 1000lbs. The unlimited has a 3500lb rating because of its longer chassis. If you want to do any worthwhile towing you'll need the unlimited. If you want the auto- get a good tranny cooler as well.
              As far as mileage goes- all wranglers suck. Its the aerodynamics, not the engine. There's nothing you can do about that. Mind you, a good intake will help a little. Ours helped quite a bit, well 2-3mpg may be peanuts when your getting 30-35mpg in your car, but its a serious increase when your getting 14-15mpg in your Jeep .
              I opted for the 4banger with a manual tranny back when I got our TJ for two reasons: low price, and 4.10 gears.
              Good luck with your new Jeep! No matter what you get it'll be a Jeep that'll make you smile!
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                I-6 and a manual tranny.
                olllllllo <--- If you can read that, roll me over!

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                  Originally posted by goodtimes
                  I-6 and a manual tranny.
                  . :yay:

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