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  • Switch Wiring

    I am putting an on/off switch in my cab for my york OBA. I am clueless about wiring and did some searching and suprisingly couldnt really find anything. Where do I run the wires from the switch??
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    go to an auto parts store. buy an "add a circuit". it turns one fuse slot into two and gives you a lead you can use for your switch. Use a fuse slot that is switched, like the radio.

    from there I think Kilby has wiring diagrams on his website for pressure switch and clutch.

    then ground it.

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      You are using a pressure switch, right? You need to run the switched power to the pressure switch and then run the York clutch to the switch. Use the diagram on the switch to figure out what goes where. If you don't have a diagram, use a continuity tester (multimeter - $8 at Walmart) to check which leads on the switch are closed when the switch is open and which are closed when the switch is closed. Bring the pressure up to above the pressure switch setpoint (you also have a high pressure relief, correct?), and then find which set of contacts went from closed to open when the pressure switch closed. This is the pair you want to use for the clutch control.
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