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  • Speakers

    I'd like to upgrade the speakers in the soundbar and in the dash, anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm not sure if I'm going to upgrade the stereo itself, I'm worried about someone stealing it.

    Also, any suggestions on what kind and where to get a CB radio. I was in Fry's and they had a CB that the entire thing was in the mic handle. Looks like a clever idea - anyone have any first hand knowledge how well they work?


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    Re: Speakers

    Originally posted by jeepish
    Also, any suggestions on what kind and where to get a CB radio. I was in Fry's and they had a CB that the entire thing was in the mic handle. Looks like a clever idea - anyone have any first hand knowledge how well they work?

    I have no first hand knowledge of that radio, but I have a couple of friends who used to use that model. Some had tranmitting problems (radio would never transmit properly, even when hooked to various antennas in various rigs....problem was with the radios--note, I said radios, with a "S" at the end), some people have trouble operating the radio because of all the controls being crammed together on the mic (kept hitting the darn buttons when they didnt' want to...&/or kept hitting the wrong/too many buttons---could be attributed to fat fingers ).....and then there is the one guy who just loves his, and has no problems with it (not that he uses it much---he is more of a 2M kind of guy).
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      Was that the Cobra?

      I haven't used that one but I do have the Midland 75-830 portable one with the optional car adapter. It's even smaller than the one you saw and a FANTASTIC radio. It's a bit pricey but you can use it both as a portable and as a wired unit. It can also get the weather channels.

      When portable, there is a battery attachment on the bottom (uses 8 AA's) and a rubber antenna on the top.

      When using the car adapter, it snaps into the bottom in place of the battery holder and lets you plug it into the cigarette lighter plug and attach an external antenna.

      It has the full 4 watts so it should be just as good as any other CB ... in my experience, using the portable antenna the range is very limited but with a good external antenna it is pretty good (not exactly sure if it's as powerful as a normal CB but I didn't have any problems with it).

      For now, I have a $40 radio shack CB wired in the jeep and usually carry that portable one as a backup. The other thing, midland's service is AWESOME. I burnt that portable one once since I hadn't tuned my antenna properly (I am guessing that's what caused it) and they sent me a replacement without any questions! I just had to send the broken one back with a copy of the reciept (1 year warranty). They also sent me a new antenna and car adaptor for free!!!!!
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        JeepGal just upgraded the speakers in her Jeep, maybe she can chime in with what she got... Tam???

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          Well...not sure how far you live from Chris (who bought my TJ), for you to see his set-up I put in the Jeep. 5 1/4" Infinitys in the dash with mounting plats from The sound bar has 6 1/2" Infiniti Kappas in without any cutting. But Chris also now has 2 8" Infiniti Subs inside his rear seat!


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            Yeah, I spent WAY MORE then I wanted to...though It sounds great! Its funny how a moderately inexpensive deck and four speakers can cost SO MUCH!

            So...Here's the breakdown:

            Pioneer DEH-P3500: CD changer (CD/CDR/CDRW), dual preouts, subwoofer compatibility, XM Ready. 50wx4 detachable faceplate($179)

            Pioneer TS-G1647: (sound bar speakers) woofer 6 1/2", tweeter 1 5/8", 150w max ea, composite cones ($45 set)

            Pioneer TS-G4647: (Front Dash Speaker) Woofer 4x6", tweeter 1 3/8" 100w, composite cones ($45 set)

            I purchased the extended warranty, so that when I fill the deck with dirt, and the speakers get all thrashed in the rain, Ill get a new setup...

            be forewarned about so called FREE INSTALLATION, there is NO SUCH THING. Ask how much the installation kit is.

            I just wanted a simple cd player and upgraded speakers...I had the stock casette in there for over a year, and hated it! But priorities being what they were, I had to wait till now to finally upgrade it. I do enjoy listening to music again

            Good luck and happy shopping

            2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
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