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FLUIDS: what do you use?....


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  • FLUIDS: what do you use?....

    So what fluids does everyone run in their rigs? Where do you get it from? How much does it cost? What do you recommend?

    I currently run Mobil 1 synthetic 10W30 in my engine, but i'm about to change to Amsoil as i just discovered a guy at my work can get me it at a discounted rate. I've never seen Amsoil for sale at a store in my area and anyone i know who runs it gets it online.

    I'm in the process of hunting down Redline MT-90 for my transmission because it's due for a change. Currently can't find a store in my area who sells it though. :confused: I was told that Pep Boys doesn't stock it, but can order it for you if you request it. I haven't looked into this yet though.
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    High performance shops sometimes carry it. Or you can order it HERE
    I'm runnig Castrol Syntec 10-40w
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      I used to use mobil one in the engine, but since I swapped in one with 50k, I figured it probably wasnt worth it this time around. Its got regular mobil 10-40 in there now. In the diffs I use sta-lube in the big jug with the pump, 90 weight, I think. In the tranny is Valvoline(because thats the only company I found that had ATF +3 on the shelf) ATF +3, and valvoline Dextron 3 in the t-case (just for consistancy)
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        Run factory Mopar ... bottle of Lucas with every oil change.