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how to get stock steps off


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  • how to get stock steps off

    hi everyone my name is jesse im new to the site. I have a 92 yj and i Was wondering if anybody knew how to geet the stock steps off. i want to put on rocker guards and cant get the square bolts holding the steps on. If anybody knows how, I would love the insite. thank you

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    Hey Jesse, Welcome to MJR!!

    I'm not really sure about YJ's, but I would imagine there are a couple bolts holding them on. Hang tight, I'm sure someone can really help you. And if your REALLY nice, you might get some one to give you a hand.
    Ya Savvy?

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      Well on my 92' the side steps are held on with some torx bolts and i believe there is a floating nut plate of some sort holding the bolts on on the backside of the steps.

      I'm pretty sure it will require you to either hold the floating nut plate with one hand and then use the other to ratchet off the bolt. It would problably be easier and faster to get a 2nd person to give you a hand.
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        I think the problem here is that the nut on the bottom of the tub is square not hex. I think you may be able to find a sae or metric socket that might work, not sure.

        there's gotta be somebody out there that's removed these things.:confused:

        welcome Jesse, glad you made it.

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          Plasma cutter.
          olllllllo <--- If you can read that, roll me over!

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            you know... if your gonna go with the FXD rockers... you could stop in to the shop and have them install 'em. That way you would't have to deal with the removal of the stock steps and could avoid that painful process of drilling the first holes in your Jeep. It's always easier when someone else drills the first one, right crickett?:yay:

            "in the end... the rocks always win."


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              step removal

              HI every one thank you so much for your ideas. I did find out how to remove them. The square bolt i talked about are nuts. the bolt heat to remove the steps are inside the cab, underneath the carpet. I hope this also helps someone else in the future.
              Later for now


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                Hey,where in simi are you at?


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                  hey sully i live right behind royal high school where do you live