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  • welding helmet

    After a day or cutting with the ARC and welding my head is killing me and I get white spots in front of my eyes. Only got flashed once, so I'd say my helmet sucks.
    What's good in an auto darkening helmet? Figure I'll let the wife buy me one.
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    To start with, make sure your lens is dark enough!!!! If you are arc welding, look for a #12 or better. #10 is dark enough for MIG work.

    As far as auto-helmets, mine is made by "Arc-one". It is a fixed shade 10 (all I do is MIG work), but they do make a adjustable lens, goes from 9 to 13 with the twist of a knob. The response time on mine is a bit slow IMO. When I strike an arc, I get just a hint of flash from it....just enough to make you think "oh Schit!" and slam your eyes shut....but by the time that thought process is complete, the lens has "done its thing"....That may be normal, this is the only auto-darkening helmet I have used, so I can't compare it to anything. To compensate for the reaction time, I just "blink" when I pull the trigger....that is long enough for the lens to react.

    As for long term reliability.....I couldn't tell you. I only used it once (and that was just because I had a new toy and wanted to play with it). I bought it when I got my plasma cutter just before I quit my job and moved to AZ.
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      The $59 one from Harbor freight is excellent.
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        Second the Harbor freight helmet. though I had to pay $89 for it.
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          I have been using Huntsman helmets for years . I bought the new Miller Auto darkening Helmet and it is the nicest I have used . I also have the H/F auto Darkening Helmet and for the money ( a $220.00 difference ) It can't be beat !!!

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            Autodarkening Helmet

            I too have the H/F autodarkening helmet (silver colored, adjustable). I paid $89 on sale. The only problem I have had with it is that the strap broke. Also, if you get to an area where the weld flash may be hidden from the sensor, it goes back to normal! But I think any automatic helmet would do that.
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              i have the lincoln helmet.. i like it, but it has the small lens area. i have had no problems with it, nor scary "better blink" experiences. i'd like to try another one to compare it to though

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