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My version of the hand throttle


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  • NAILER341
    nice job, man!

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  • JeepGal
    Looks GOOOOOD...Congrats!

    I just put one in too a few weeks ago, and its going to take a little getting used to, but will definitely improve my rock crawling experiences...


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    Guest started a topic My version of the hand throttle

    My version of the hand throttle

    The most exciting part is, that it actually works.

    Here are some pics, lets hope I do this correctly.

    Here are the pieces parts that I used.

    I couldn't find a good source for a nice piece of rubber, in this dinky town. So I improvised. I used some Friction tape. Kind of like electrical tape, but has some compression to it. I wrapped layers until it was a little thicker than the clamp, and then compressed it.

    I used zip-ties and sheetmetal screw to secure the cable inside the passenger compartment. Don't need it getting snagged and pulled. This picture shows the zip-ties still lose so that I could adjust things

    I used a terminal lug connector to attach the cable to the carb. I had to use three. A little testing to find the correct position on the cable. The first two times it caused the throttle to hang a little and not return to idle.

    Here is the final picture. I actually wrapped the shifter three times, to find the comfortable position of the throttle lever.

    So that's it. It cost me around $15, and maybe 1 hour.

    Like I said, the coolet part is, it works.

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