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dual battery system


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    Cool, thanx.
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      Yes, most people run 2 different batteries, there is a good reason for it too. Usually you want the starting battery to be something that will support a large amp draw for a short time, and the acc battery to support a low amp draw for a long period of time with the capability to be nearly completly discharged w/o damage to the battery. This makes the red top/blue top a very nice combination. You will want some sort of isolater, or solinoid set up to achieve proper charging for both batteries, as others have mentioned.
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        The way I have mine in the blazer set up, the backup battery is always charged with the alt but never drains. This way, I can use my main optima yellow top as much as I want, without worries of not being able to start the truck back up.

        Even if the optima is fully drained, I can flip a switch, combine the two batteries, and get the thing started back up. I went with a solid state isolator/combiner (basically a couple of big diodes) from hellroaring. I've been pretty happy with it.
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