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  • Warn axles

    Did a questionable upgrade. I have the Warn hub conversion for my 88 YJ which take the 260 u-joints. Busted a u-joint last time at Miller (dont ask how). So I figure, time and $$ allowing I need to upgrade to warn inner axles and 760 u-joints. Problem being how do I fit the 760's into the warn outters that I already have? After asking alot of people and checking out the dimensions of both axles I found it could be done. Of course maintaining the integrity of the ears was a question . It seemed the only thing different about the axles was the size of the hole. I found a machinist that accepted my task and he took the axles and said "Let me think about it, call me at the end of the week, they'll be ready. So today I finally got around to putting them together and if I did'nt know it I would'nt have known they were bored out. Great fit. The key was to bore them 1/32" away from the edge of the ear, not centered thus causing the ear to become too thin. Of course the final test is putting a load on them(Holcomb anyone? ) .

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    wow, i'm glad that worked out for you. they look good. i hope the machining didnt do anything to the integrity of the stub.
    test em hard

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