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Dana 30 HD axles


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  • Dana 30 HD axles

    I am looking to upgrade the old axle shafts. Who makes good ones?, Who is selling them?, how much am i looking at? The standard questions... Also what have you guys used, what does anybody recomend?
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    Warn inners and outers, 760 u-joints and snap rings. I didnt buy them through a retailer, so I dont know what you would pay. If you havent already, do the hub conversion (if you can afford it) one of the BEST mods I've done!
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      The strongest axle shafts are made from chromoly steel 4340. If it doesn't say 4340 it isn't.

      Warn make chromoly axle shafts as does Superior. I have the Superior Evolutions, which I haven't broken yet (but I fear it is just a matter of time). I believe there is a third manufacturer but I can't remember who.

      As Chris mentions the U/Js must have real snap rings, not the shite C clips. I used to run the alloy steel Yukon shafts and I broke 3 or 4, I can't remember. The weak link was the U/J. The C clips would fall off, a cap would back out and it's all over.


      Yukon axle shaft assy complete DS - $135 so lets say $300 total

      Superior axle shafts (4) $640
      OX U/Js $134
      Total $908

      NINE hundred bucks and it's still a D30 - bollocks!

      btw my vac disconnect is long gone so these prices reflect that
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        I am in the middle of putting in Warn hubs in my HP30 now.

        $1100 for the hub conversion, and Warn inner axles, comes with new 760 ujoints.
        $150 new rotors and machining.
        $20 full circle clips from CTM Racing.
        $90 spare Warn hub.

        A lot of people are successful with this combination. If this isn't strong enough for you, you need to move on to a hi-pinion 9" or D60.



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          thanks guys!:whip:
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            another vote for the warn hub conversion with inners. that will cost you about 1100 bucks. then add ctm's and you'll have a completely polished 30
            that is what i am running, and have had good success with it.

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              if you wanna spend just a little bit more $ on 30 polish... don't forget the spicer ubolt yoke and currie jj conversion for the upper bushings.

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                What are you saying, maybe":poop:"....
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                  Originally posted by Bachman
                  What are you saying, maybe":poop:"....
                  nope, just info on how to spend more money. :cactus:

                  "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                    oh, well thats OK! I just replaced those bushings with new bushings and went with Currie upper arms. No test yet, other than the have not broken on the way to work...
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