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  • need more POWER

    hey its my 1st jeep its a 2.5l its got 33/12.50/15s and ireally need more POWER and would really appreciate any tips that really work and where to get them would a electric fan make any difference and would it keep it cool what about exhaust 2.5 or 3" what about a K&N cone filter im just throwing a few things out there ?

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    Welcome to MJR.

    Exhaust is fine. K&N's are garbage and let more dust in then they filter. What you really need is new gearing. 4.88's will do nicely.
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      Originally posted by Dukes69
      4.88's will do nicely.
      4.88 will be the ticket.... I added all the fun stuff to my 4 popper after the gears, you may be suprised how much power that little motor really has, it's no 4.0, but it'll serve you well if set up right.
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        Go get yourself a electric cooling fan outta a oldschool caddy. You will also need a thermostat switch deally to turn the fan on and off, you can get them at Autozone or Napa.
        You also probably want to get a header and exhaust... the stock 2.5l headers have a nasty habit of cracking, mine did, havent replaced it yet....

        EDIT: ...wait... are you saying your running 33's on a stock motor stock gears?!?! I didnt think the 4banger could turn them stock!!!! Betya thats a pooch and a half, no wonder your looking for more power!
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          Dude! If you really wanna go radical, there is a company that offers low end torque CAMS! (0.435 lift) for 4bangers. www.
          By the way if you MUD off-road a 4 banger is the best choice, it is very light so your front end will not sink, as opposed to the 6 cyls. I've had to pull a few out !!