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Which RTV?


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  • Which RTV?

    Not being very experienced I differ this questions to you all.

    Which RTV is the "best" for using on diff covers? I normally just go with whatever the FSM recommends.

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    I use Permatex products

    Whatever you use make use you use a nonharding product. The harding type are hard to clean not to mention trying to pull the cover off.

    Permatex Blue Rtv is a good all around silicon.

    Here is a link to the website check out their other products as well.
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      I find that cleaning the mating surfaces is very important. I get rid of all the old crap and finish off with brake cleaner.

      For the diff covers I made a couple of alignment studs. I got a couple of long bolts with the unthreaded section. I cut the bolts so I had 1/2" of thread and 1" of shaft. Then I cut a screwdriver slot in the ends.

      To install, lightly thread the studs into the upper holes. RTV the mating surface. Hang the cover from the studs, then when you have a screw ready slide the cover into place. Start all the screws (-2) then remove the studs and install real screws.

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        Hands down, the best RTV I have used for diff covers came with a master install kit from Sierra. Don't know who made it, but that stuff rocks!

        I have used permatex (blue, black, and red), Loc-tite (clear and orange--both came in a b!tchin' aresol can), a couple other brands that I don't recall, and the Sierra stuff.

        Now I steal the extra Sierra RTV when I do gear installs (You can seal about 6 diffs with one tube, one tube is included with each master install kit).
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          Thanks for all the info.

          Hey goodtimes, you should start a black market for the sierra rtv

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