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What Do you carry in your Jeep!


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  • What Do you carry in your Jeep!

    [COLOR=green]As of all you fellow Jeepers know,we can all get into some hairy situations,and depending on your rating of fearlessness,it is indoubtful that your always in an area of nothing but you and Mother Earth. Saying that we all must be prepared for the unleashing of Hell and demons,The Great Freeze,or Revelation,unlike other daily commuters we have to have every known gadget,gizmo,and what-cha-ma-call-it, that we can pack in our cargo rendering vehicles,so let's hear what you pack in your Jeep,and never leave home without it!![/COLOR]

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    Joshua, this is a great idea! This will also be an excellent way of compiling a list of "trail tools" so all the bases are always covered ...

    I've got my little Sears toolbox filled with wrenches & screwdrivers, flat repair items, and my boyfriend is always adding to it. Under the back seat I have jumper cables, a California Duster :yawn:, and that tool thing that you take the wheels off with :confused:

    Center console includes cds, a poncho & garbage bag for those monsoons, and some body splash in pear flavor in case I need to smell good where I'm going
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      Trail Getchaback Box
      • SAE/metric 3/8 socket wrench set with 1/2-3/8 adapeter, jointed socket handle, and 3/8 U-joint
      • open and box SAE/metric wrenches with couple of crescents
      • 1/2" air impact wrench
      • CO2 10# bottle
      • safety seal tire plug kit
      • 30000# tug strap
      • screwdrivers
      • vise grips
      • epoxy putty
      • 20 foot airhose for CO2 with airchuck adapter
      • QuickAir deflators
      • flashlights
      • duct and electrical tape
      • HiLift jack (probably most important tool)
      • HiLift winching kit
      • 3 pairs of work gloves
      • ATF, motor oil, brake fluid
      • hose clamps clamped on to hoses under hood

      I'll probably remember more later. This is just trail stuff. Have the funny lug key for spare, jumpers, fire extinguishers, maps, sun hats, windbreakers, and mini-survival kit in Jeep all the time.
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        >Assorment of tools,half of them wouldn't be any help on the trail

        >Flourecent orange rain coat with flannel inside,Rocky boots with no soles,pair of old roofing jeans covered in tar,extra pair of socks,extra pair of boxers???? who needs underware it's too hot right now!!

        >Jumper cables,sythentic oil,brake fluid,empty gas can(it's only 2 1/2 gallons),four-way speed lug nut wrech,rope all colors and sizes,extra bulbs,wires and wiring kit,and a big ugly oak stick(used to be a louisville sluuger before the ex-mark mower ran over it).

        >Several extra cans of Kodiak wintergreen,quaters so i can kick myself when there's not a pay phone around,constantly reminding me i need to get a Nextal and GPS system.

        Also, a bunch of other crap that has a meaningless place in my jeep cause i have nowhere else for it,but well use my Mcguiver skills to find a way to rig something neat up,in the heat of the moment in the wilderness!

        "You Ain't No Real Hawaiian!"


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          I try to carry everything i pull off my jeep. Also think of parts that you might ruin more often. Carrying brakelines(tear often on trails), rear driveshaft(gotta watch those rocks), cap/rotor(in case of dunking). Don't know if anyone mentioned flashlight, and water. CB/cell. Zip ties usually come in handy, and never forget duct tape.
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            WD-40 and duct tape.

            If it doesn't move, and it is supposed to, WD-40 it.
            If it moves, and it isn't supposed to, duct tape it.

            olllllllo <--- If you can read that, roll me over!

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              Okay...this is what I bring wheeling...

              Fire Extinguisher
              Tools: socket sets, screw drivers, wrenches, hammer, allen wrenches, pliers, channel locks, vise grips, torx head sockets/bits, charged cordless drill with spare battery, small asst drill bits, asst washers, nuts and bolts, scissors.
              electric stuff (fuses, wire, wire stripper, misc stuff)
              tie downs/bungie cords (I always have an extra for Kirk )
              Pry bar
              zip ties
              duct tape
              wd 40
              Tire repair stuff/plugs, adhesive
              tire deflators
              high lift jack (thankyou babe...)
              spare ujoints/axle shafts
              flashlight(s) and batteries
              first aid kit
              spare socks, pants, sweatshirt
              rain poncho
              tow strap (who borrowed mine and forgot to return it?)
              bikini top (when wheeling topless)
              collapsing chairs
              tuna(...for Erik)
              moisturizer(...for Erik)
              face wipes
              toilet paper
              charged cell phone (though it NEVER works on the trail)
              trail book

              Ive gotten a bit lazy lately...but I should get back to bringing all this stuff
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                a big bag of miscelanious hand tools with wrenches torx, crescents, channel locks, pliers, and all sorts of other hand tools. a well organized socket set with extra tools added in that i have bought to remobe specialty parts on the jeep.
                spare dana 30 axles, a u joint or 2 of every type, air hose. air impact a jacket, blanket, cel phone, extra gas, few water bottles, and a FIRST AID kit with 2 days of emergency food, some twine, and a ratchet strap, tow strap.. um.... i think thatll do

                95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                  Originally posted by NAILER341
                  ....with 2 days of emergency food....
                  hahahaha...would that be 6 cans of tuna? HHhhrrmmnnn?

                  hehehe...yeah ok.

                  2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                  Rock-ItMan all the way around


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                    one COD

                    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                      replacement front axles from now on. went to the junkyard and replaced the broken one and got left and right spares. i got rears too.
                      92 YJ all new stuff this year!!! rockcrawling at a trail near you.


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                        Originally posted by unclegreaser
                        replacement front axles from now on. went to the junkyard and replaced the broken one and got left and right spares. i got rears too.
                        got a spare ball joint?

                        95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                          In addition to any spares I bring along, like u-joints, water,extra food and some blankets, etc... I always keep the following in mind as a minimum equiptment level for street or dirt as Cal 4 wheel recommends...
                          Cal 4 wheel recommends the following:

                          1. Roll bar or full cage or factory hard top.

                          * 2. Functioning parking brake or Mico lock.

                          3. Tow strap or rope. No chains or straps with hooks. Recommend rated at 2 times vehicle weight.

                          * 4. First aid kit (what do you want when you are hurt?). It should be mounted/stored in an easily found and accessible location, so that someone not familiar with your vehicle could find it in a hurry.

                          * 5. Jack capable of lifting the vehicle and a tool capable of removing lug nuts (don't forget your wheel locks).

                          * 6. Spare tire equal to or within 3 inches (measured at the outside diameter) of existing tires on the vehicle; must be an appropriate off road type tread. No temporary spares.

                          7. Fire extinguisher with gauge indicating good, appropriately stored (not a missile hazard). Like the first aid kit, someone not familiar with your vehicle should be able to quickly find and access it.

                          * 8. Seat belts for driver and all passengers.

                          * 9. Antennas must not exceed 4'6" (54") in length except when longer antennas/whip are required by certain OHV areas.

                          * 10. Adequate attachment points front and rear, i.e., tow hooks, receiver, etc. Tow balls are generally rated for only 2,000 pounds, and that is when hooked to a trailer. They can come off with devastating results and are not recommended. Instead, for SUV's without a good tow hook attachment point, use the largest shackle or clevis (generally 1") which will fit in the tow ball hole on your stock bumper.

                          * 11. Battery hold downs; no bungee cords.

                          12. Functional 40 Channel CB radio. Handheld (walkie-talkie) types are acceptable but not recommended.


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                            On pavement:

                            I have a bag in the boot with a 4 bit screwdriver, quart of oil, brake fluid, powersteering fluid, thingy for pouring the oil, two tire gauges (one electronic; one manual), mini duster (never use it), other stuff, personal cup for Starbucks, two canvas shopping bags, folded papertowels (that Tempo thing that used to be on the visor)

                            I keep a thing that hooks under my clutch pedal in the Jeep to tie it down to where I park it. (You can drive a Jeep with a Club on the wheel. I did it to see if I could.)

                            I keep assorted hats and a bandana under the driver's seat and a windbreaker in the space between the sill and the driver's seat. I have a big hair clip on the windshield. There is a bandana for a guest under the passenger seat.

                            There is a garbage bag in the floor in the backseat, and a scarf from Desert Storm.

                            Maps in the map pocket on the passenger side and junk in the map pocket on the driver's side.

                            I have CDs in the glove box and Books on CD under the driver's seat (it's crowded under there). I have spf 50 in the glove box.

                            I have asked Santa for a particular version of the Cobra CB. I hope she heard me.

                            The most important things in the vehicle are my cell phone, cell phone hook up, AAA card and a tube of bright red lipstick.


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                              Sorry, forgot the offroad bag: Tow strap 30k, Fire extenguisher, First Aid kit. lash straps and velcro straps.

                              Tool bag with a motley assortment of tools.