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which mirror relo brackets for '01TJ ???


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  • which mirror relo brackets for '01TJ ???

    someone asked me which I recommend, I don't have any. which do you folks like and why???



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    Rock-It Man has some simple ones that mount to the existing windshield bolt and use a cheap autozone mirror. Better yet, the passenger side mirror is usable. I think theyre $12 powdercoated and shippped.

    Sun, Warrior and Skid Row make some that pretty much render the passenger mirror useless unless seen out the windshield.

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      This is also something I need to do, lets see some pics of the Rock-it Man stuff

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        yup yup
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          I have Sun's ... the cool thing is the CB antenna fits in the same hole.
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            i have the sun's on my yj, and do not like them. they kind of get the job done, but take a lot of getting used to.
            the passenger side mirror is only visible from the windshield, and there is apx. 50% of it that is usable.

            i put a big convex mirror on top of the stock mirror to make it more functional, and get rid of the huge blind spot that the movers created.

            on the drivers side, with the stock jeep doors it is oooook. with the soft doors, which have a wider piece of cloth before the clear plastic, they are again down to about 50% usable mirror.

            to see everything, i lean quite a bit toward the door.

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              What's wrong with the factory CJ location of having to look through the window???
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                I updated my post with a picture
                2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                Rock-ItMan all the way around


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                  Originally posted by JeepGal
                  I updated my post with a picture
                  Simple, clean, great design ... as always from you guys
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