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Hard Top Hoist and In-garage Storage


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  • Hard Top Hoist and In-garage Storage

    Last year I took my hard top off for the Summer and simply dropped it on the trailer and stored it on the side of the house. We now have a pop-up tent trailer that now occupies that space so I needed to find another solution.

    I have long thought about making a hard top hoist and storage solution in my garage and finally got around to doing this. I back into the garage, can remove the top by myself, drive out, set up the more permanent storage solution, and park back under it.

    I still need to make adjustments to the placement of the hard top hoist, which is why I haven't included more pictures of that portion. Those changes will likely be made in the Fall when I put the hard top back on the Jeep.

    The basic setup is 2 pieces of 1x1 square tubing from Home Depot welded into a "T" with an eye bolt for the hoist. I was originally going to use hooks to grab the front door frames and under the rear glass, but the things I had laying around the garage didn't work as I had hoped. I was trying to keep costs down so I ended up simply drilling holes in the 1x and putting ratchet straps from each door frame to the rear of the T at the rear glass. This worked well and didn't cost me anything more at the store, only 2 ratchet straps I already had.

    Once hoisted off the Jeep, I affix an "H" frame I built from 2x4s under the top. It has 4 eye bolts on the corners that I attach to 4 pieces of chain that are suspended from the joists in the garage. I then lower the hoist to drop the top onto this frame.

    This is all useless without pics, so here you go:

    It ends up placed where the garage door opens fully, I can park under it and still walk both in front and back of the Jeep when the garage is closed.

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    Nice. Out of the way and still enough room for the Jeep. I like it.
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      Simple yet slick :thumbs_up
      holes = cowbell


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        Suggest strapping the top to the hangers (2x4s) in case if an earthquake

        Nice creativity!


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          Very nice, clean, simple way to get it out of the way. Good job Mat.


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            I love this kind of ingenuity!
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