Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Big Bear Trails (1N04, 2N84, Holcomb)

    I decided to go visit 2N84 (sort of a pre-run for next weekend) after an early morning fishing foray at the lake. The lake is running Red right now. Kinda wierd looking, but the fish are hungry. The trail looks pretty good; found a lot of trash (picked up two bags full) at the yellow post. It’s very dry and the weeds are dying out. The broadleaf trees are changing colors and makes the trail look nice. The rock garden needs more rocks! After leaving 2N84, I headed home via Holcomb trail. The trail’s personality has changed dramatically since my last trip over three months ago. Many of the off-camber areas are starting to get worn again, which actually makes the trail more fun. There is still quite a bit of water (broke virgin ice in a few shady places) on the trail. Found more trash, a pair of motorcycle riding pants, and a trail rescue bag with straps and and a bunch of other stuff. No one around either. Otherwise the trail looks real nice. I also trailed over 1n04 from the South side of BB on the 38 the night before. This is just a two wheel drive truck trail and there were a few deer hunters out scouting. The Sun went down when I was just coming over a ridge above the lake; what a view. Definitely a great photo op area. I stayed up there until dark to see the stars. Awsome! There were a couple of patches of snow/slush at around 8500 ft. Real cool! I headed down to BB and spent the night.