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    I spent 9/10ths of my time last year on the trails with no real problems and then im driving to work in my good ol' 91 YJ and the U Joint went, and i walked 2 hours back home and not a single person stopped. now if i was on the trails everyone would have stopped and asked if i needed a lift or a 1/2 wrench, but no! i wasnt lucky enough i had to break down on a highway. Am i the only one that really ****es off!
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    been there done that . welcome///Kevin


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      Originally posted by xjkevin View Post
      been there done that . welcome///Kevin
      Yeah, we saw the pictures from your last highway mishap... it kept you from a wheeling trip too, right?
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        If I would have seen you id have stopped. It takes a real Jeeper to help another out on the highway. Welcome to MJR!
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          I would have gave you the wrench ,told you to put in to 4 Hi and drive it to where ever you had to go . One reason I keep tools in the heep been there done that
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