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    I found this site through another site and several of the members here already now me and have wheeled with me at times.
    I drive a Nearly Stock YJ and wheel mostly in AZ. I have not spent a lot of time lurking on this site at this time and will probably just keep quiet until I get a feel for the site.
    I do have a web site if you are interested, and I also run a lot of video of our trail runs. The web site is and there is a video page link and about 20 videos to pick from.
    Looking forward to being a part of the group.
    A pic of my YJ

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    welcome Hackle! nice rig you have there!
    Jeeps Rock & Quads Too!


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      Welcome to MJR! Nice Jeep.
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      !!! !!!


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        Sweet "nearly stock" YJ. Oddly enough, my wife's YJ looks a lot different... hmmm.

        Welcome to MJR, always good to expand the knowledge base.
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          Hello Jim! Glad to see you here. I don't visit much, but there are some fine Jeepers here.

          Hope to wheel again with you before too long.

          PS: PM me your number - I need to chat with you. The one I have for you I think is old from last year.


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            Welcome aboard! Nice looking YJ!

            I fix things.


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              Thanks for the welcome everyone and also for the comments on my YJ. I have been building it for about 13 years and as always it is still being built.


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                Originally posted by Hackle View Post
                I have been building it for about 13 years and as always it is still being built.

                Too true... You do still have those funky coal cart springs on the front to work on

                I may have to see if I can pursuade Joe into another road trip out to your backyard. We sure had a blast with you guys at Florence Junction.

                Happy New Year!



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                  Thanks Matt and a Happy New Year to you and yours also.
                  The front end will go under the knife in the next couple months.
                  I would love to wheel with you guys in AZ again but we will need to go to another area to make it worth your while


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                    Wow, really nice YJ...mine is kinda lacking compared to yours...
                    and there's nothing wrong with leaf springs.
                    With the right shackles, and a reversal, they can do alright on the trails.
                    WTF Mate?

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